Yung Bleu Pours His Heart Out On “Ghetto Love Bird”

Fresh from his release of “Your Mines Still (Remix)” featuring Drake, Yung Bleu returns with a new single, “Ghetto Love Bird.” The Alabama native gets personal on his latest effort where he croons out bars about an alternative romance with a “bad lil’ b*tch… from the projects.” The single comes in the wake of Yung Bleu stirring the pot by suggesting that he may be releasing a joint project with Drizzy.

“We even talked about it before,” Bleu recently told Billboard. “I don’t know if it’ll ever manifest to something real, but we have talked about getting in the studio and [coming up] with ideas on working on a collab project. It would flow perfect. That man flows perfectly on a song. That song was made for that n*gga’s verse. I believe in sh*t like that.”

While we await news on if that will develop into fruition, stream Yung Bleu’s “Ghetto Love Bird” and share your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m tryna let her ride like a Bronco
I tried to give you love in the jungle
Another moon, we fuck ’til the sun up
Born in the heart of the ghetto, beautiful time
I’m sending all of my love ’cause we haven’t spoke in a while


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