The effects of Nick Cannon‘s recent controversy can still be felt. Following his reported antisemitic remarks during an interview with Professor Griff, Nick Cannon came forward to apologize for his comments. The media mogul sat down with a rabbi to discuss the scandal after he was terminated from ViacomCBS and issued a heartfelt apology for his words. Some of Cannon’s celebrity friends have come forward to say that he shouldn’t have apologized, while others applaud him for recognizing his mistakes. T.I. spoke about Cannon on The Breakfast Club and had strong emotions about how it all played out.

T.I., Nick Cannon, The Breakfast Club
Matt Winkelmeyer / Staff / Getty Images

To begin, T.I. stated that canceling Cannon isn’t the solution. “First of all, let’s look at Nick Cannon’s career and his reputation. Look at how many Black people he put in position and helped and got off of zero. Look at how time after time after time, he’s made contributions to the culture,” T.I. said. “You gotta give him consideration… Fair and reasonable consideration. We must hold him accountable if necessary, but we can’t just discount and discard our people because don’t no one else do they people like that. Why we expected to throw ours away when they make a mistake?”

T.I. added, “Whether you agree or disagree with the apology, you don’t use it to slander or villainize one of our national treasures. You just can’t do that. We as a people can’t afford to do that.” Do you agree with him? Watch T.I.’s full interview below.