Jenesis Sanchez, the mother of the late XXXTentacion’s child, is remembering the rapper on this sad day as it marks two years since he was tragically killed in a shooting. Jenesis, who gave birth to their son, Gekyume, last January, more than seven months after his father died, shared her emotional tribute on Instagram along with some personal photos.

“2 years,” she began. “And I still have not had a chance to grieve your absence properly. From being pregnant, making sure I brought the last piece of you into this world healthy, being strong because we still had a bundle of joy to look forward to. To nurturing another life and raising the little prince that you and I went half on. While going through a bunch of misunderstandings w others but keeping it together so that our son did not see me weak.”

“Jeez Jah,” she continued, “he looks so much like you. He gives me the same intense stares that you would when you would ask me ‘what do you see when you look into my eyes’ I’d always reply back- ‘a beautiful mind a very misunderstood one.’ That I loved to pick at. You saw my flaws not as flaws but as more reasons to love me.”

xxxtentacion baby mama mother child jenesis sanchez gekyume death anniversary tributeJason Koerner/Getty Images

She then goes on to explain the photo of a note she decided to include in the post. “The note above is an excerpt from my journal, he stole it while I was asleep I was so upset lol, but he saw I wrote something really negative about myself and that was the response. I was no longer upset. I cherish the note til this day.” The note reads: “No, you’re an amazing, loyal, reliable human being, you will always love me as I will always love you, understand the balance and maintain it my queen, through me and with me you have obtained genuine love.”

“I’ve been finding myself lost at times but realize you showed me how to get back on track and be the best version of me,” Jenesis continues in the post. “And I promise I will be that person and continue to be that person for not only myself but for Gekyume and you. Thank you for all the memories, knowledge and the best gift of all. This precious baby boy who has taught me what real unconditional love truly is.” She then urges anyone planning to visit his burial site today to practice social distancing and wear a mask and gloves.

Several others have also paid tribute to the fallen star today, including his mother, Cleopatra Bernard, and close friend, DJ Scheme.