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Why the Lyrics of Juicy are Important



Juicy is the first single ever released by Biggie Smalls aka The Notorious B.I.G. The BadBoy record label’s hit single went two times platinum. Putting ancient East Coast/West Coast Beefs aside, this article is about why the lyrics of Juicy are important to know and observe. Juicy covers nearly an entire expanse of the original generation of hip hop and their experiences. Biggie Smalls acted as an archivist in a sense with these lyrics. The song is known by so many people word-for-word for many reasons. Hip Hop natives find this song relatable, familiar. Juicy contains a sample of Mtume’s 1983 song, Juicy Fruit, a song whose parts have been sampled over half a dozen times in modern music by people like Katy Perry and Keyshia Cole. Juicy was released in 1994. Some notable mentions are:

Word Up! Magazine
Heavy D
Mr. Magic, Marley Marl
Rappin’ Duke
Robin Leach
Ron G,
Brucie B,
Kid Capri
Funkmaster Flex,
Lovebug Starski
The Source
Junior Mafia
Bad Boy

I could have added the name brands of wine and clothing he mentioned but that would turn this article into more of an essay. It is sufficient to say that the men and women of hip hop have always had fine taste; they just did not always have the money to express them. If you were born in the ‘90s or ‘00s then here is a crash course on why each mention is so important but first, check out : The Notorious B.I.G. – Juicy (Official Video)

Word Up! Magazine – Yes it is properly spelled with the exclamation point. As teens and pre-teens, we rushed to buy Word Up! Magazines to read up on our favorite reflections of ourselves. We tore out the pages depicting our favorite rappers and hung them on our walls as pin-up art. Word Up! Magazine focused on teen entertainment and music. Its main focuses were African-American teen singers, rappers, models, and prodigies. It was a publication that represented us and reflected us. I suppose the magazine kept up until the early days of Chris Brown but its final issue was released in 2012. It united African American youth from 1987 until 2012, accurately representing us at a time wherein that kind of representation for a marginalized group was only just becoming possible.


Salt-N-Pepa – You may have needed an introduction to Word Up! Magazine but these women need no introduction. The women you know as grandmothers today were early ‘90s heartthrobs. The Push It rappers are still some of the wealthiest women in Hip Hop history.

Heavy D – the man, the master, the legend of Hip Hop. The dearly departed Jamaican-born Dwight Arrington Myers, better known as Heavy D, was a rapper, record producer, singer, and actor. He died at 44 years old. When you rap on a track with Michael Jackson, it is because you are one of the best to have ever done it, check him out:

Mr. Magic Marley Marl – a DJ from Queens who made it his business to make sure the best in hip hop music hit the airwaves every Saturday. Born John Rivas, he launched and hosted the first all-rap radio show called “Rap Attack”; the show debuted in 1983 on WBLS. It became an inspiration point for every big name in foundational hip hop. This was a trailblazer whose tireless work mainstreamed hip-hop culture.

Robin Leach – was an English entertainment reporter made famous among Black Americans for sitting with famous people. He was always somewhere by a pool interviewing your idol. When you got to sit next to him for an interview, you’d made it. He was best known for his show Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

So. Why Were the Lyrics of Juicy Important?

Consider mulling over this list of mentions, especially those which were not discussed further in this article. Biggie Smalls covered quite a bit of the culture with this run-down of DJs and notable hip-hop players. So much of the culture could have been fumbled or lost if it weren’t for these protectors and preservers of Hip Hop. Know the lyrics, know the mentions, know the culture, and then you’ll understand why the lyrics of Juicy were important.

For more Hip Hop News and commentary, take a look at the best channel for Hip Hop, Hip Hop News Uncensored.

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NEW VIDEO: Quavo & Yung Miami – “Strub Tha Ground”



Quavo Yung Miami Strub Tha Ground videoQuavo and Yung Miami from City Girls have teamed up on a new single titled “Strub Tha Ground”. It comes with an accompanying video.

No word on what forthcoming project this track will appear.

Listen and watch below:

The post NEW VIDEO: Quavo & Yung Miami – “Strub Tha Ground” appeared first on Fresh: Hip-Hop & R&B.

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Wale Unveils ‘Folarin II’ Ft. J. Cole, Rick Ross, Maxo Kream & More



Robyn Mowatt

Robyn Mowatt is a staff writer at Okayplayer where she…

Folarin II Wale

Photo Credit: Warner Records

The notion of evolving is quite prevalent on Folarin II, in fact, we think it might have been Wale’s guiding light. On the album he shared, “You’re going to constantly become a bigger critic of yourself and I think that whole idea manifests itself on this project.”

On a list filled with all of the things Wale is good at, rolling out singles that stick is one. In this space, that’s not a small feat. 

Poke It Out” featuring J. Cole, “Angles” with Chris Brown, and “Down South” which features Maxo Kream and Yella Beezy were the palette cleansers that arrived before midnight on Friday. Each of these tracks prepared fans for the truth-telling journey that is Folarin II (out today)

His 2012 mixtape Folarin is the precursor to Folarin II, on the latest installment, Wale is back in rare form, he’s lyrical and honest. He addresses woes and tribulations, but he also touches on love and the demons that often visit him. It’s evident on this full-length that he’s still learning lessons on a daily basis about how to handle fame and money. There are jaded moments on this release, but there are also tracks that speak to him being grateful for his growth as an artist. 

We just constantly evolve and if you really care about your craft, it’s going to constantly evolve,” he shared in a new Apple Music interview. “You’re going to constantly become a bigger critic of yourself and I think that whole idea manifests itself on this project.”

The notion of evolving is quite prevalent on Folarin II, in fact, we think it might have been Wale’s guiding light. On why he was ready to drop this album he shared, “The hunger is there, you know what I’m saying. I mean, and I never wasn’t hungry, but I’m just saying it’s just hitting a little different now.” 

Wale’s Folarin II is his way of giving himself his own flowers. The road to riches is often difficult, this album proves that through pain and unsavory experiences, he has come out triumphant and is still able to create music that resonates. 

Stream Folarin II below.

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6ix9ine’s Former Manager Shotti Needs Financial Support!!!



Rapper Tekashi former crew member Kifano”Shotti Tr3way”Jordan needs financial help. The alleged head of “The Nine Trey Gangsta Bloods.” He is serving considerable time in prison. Jordan was indicted on Racketeering charges, and Jordan was sentenced to 62 months behind bars. Jordan has spent a fortune on attorney’s fees. As a result, Jordan has depleted his funds. Therefore, he is asking for help to present his appeal.

Jordan Wants Free Representation

In his quest for his freedom, Kifano”Shotti” Jordan is unable to file an appeal unless he gets a new attorney. According to court documents, Jordan has only $1200 to his name. And, Jordan can no longer afford attorney fees, as reported by Black Sports. Jordan cited the Criminal Justice Act (CJA) in the appeal documents filed in the U.S. Appeals motion on October 20, 2021. Some of what Jordan mentioned in the petition was,

“The petitioner’s case is complex and beyond any understanding, he has of the law and its procedures,” the document read. “The petitioner desperately needs the help of legal counsel to properly prepare the issues and supporting facts and laws to support each issue that will be presented before this honorable court.”

It all comes down to whether Jordan can get the help he needs. As we all know, attorney fees can add up. In Jordan’s case, he is out of money.  Let’s revisit the case for a moment; Jordan aka Shotti and five other defendants from Tekashi’s crew were indicted on Racketeering. And, even though Tekashi was involved in the alleged crimes, he got off easy, in my opinion.

But some think Tekashi was planted as an informant all along. In other words, the Feds allegedly used Tekashi to bring the gang to an end. Or at least, that is what we have come to believe. With that said, Jordan and the other men are currently spending significant time behind bars. But Tekashi is free to move on with his life. At any rate, Jordan needs a free attorney to move on with his appeal. Have you heard the old saying, “Crime Does Not Pay”, so there you have it?


Check out the video above for more details.

For more Hip Hop Entertainment, check out Hip Hop News Uncensored. It’s the best Hip Hop YouTube channel.


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