Who is Joran Adler the Card Teacher, is Jordan Adler Really a Top Income Earner?

Jordan Adler is a network marketing and real estate entrepreneur and has been self employed since 1993. Jordan Adler is the top income earner for sendoutcards.com. He is also a sought after public speaker. He focuses on Relationship Marketing and Sales Training. Mr. Adler recently published his first book, ‘Beach Money’ Creating your dream life through Network Marketing. The book has received rave reviews and is and reached Bestseller status on Amazon.com.

Jordan Adler workded as a Sales and Management Trainer for a Major Airline for 10 years. For many years now Mr. Adler has been helping people create successful Home Based Businesses in the field of Referral and Relationship Marketing. He conducts online trainings and Webinars on Referral Marketing, Team Building, Sales and Business Development, and Network Marketing.

Jordan Adler currently owns 14 Rental Units in the Mountains of Arizona, Cottonwood, AZ. He is a full time property manager that handles all of the day to day operations of these properties. Mr Adler is a top network marketer. He is the #1 money earner in sendoutcards.com. Sendoutcards.com is a revolutionary new way to send someone a card. You fill out a form online which includes the card details and then pay about 1 to 2 dollars for it and the company actually sends out a physical card to the recipient of your choosing. They also offer the option of including a gift with your card. They have in stock many different gift ideas in different categories such as sports, romance, movies, and lots more.

It seems as if Mr. Adler has made an extraordinary career for himself. His career path is very different than the one he chose in college. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign BLA, Landscape Architecture. It should be noted that Mr. Adler spent many years in corporate America before becoming self employed. In 2004 he left his position as Ambassador and Executive Senior Director Excel Communications, Inc where he had been for 11 years. He did this to pursue his full time home based business.

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