What Not to Wear Together – Top 5 Tips

There are basic rules to follow when deciding what clothes to wear. There’s your age and body shape to consider, your colouring, weight and even your personality. Regardless of your appearance however, there are certain items of clothing that should never be worn together. So, we’ve compiled a top 5 of the worst pairings in fashion history, in the hope that all you perpetrators out there (you know who you are) can start the long path to rehabilitation.

1. Low-slung Jeans & Visible Underwear

There’s no doubt about it, low-slung jeans can be incredibly sexy. What isn’t sexy however, is when they’re slung so low, that it forces you to walk like a penguin. And, seeing somebody’s bejewelled thong pulled a good 3 inches above low-rider jeans looks not only uncomfortable but – well it just looks wrong. This look is not big, and it certainly isn’t clever.

2. Double-Denim

Don’t get us wrong, some people can pull off the double-denim look with ease, it’s just that these people are a rare breed. It’s so difficult to get the balance right – most of us just end up looking like a something that the ’80s threw up, or even worse, we look like Jeremy Clarkson’s less fashionable sister. So, unless you happen to be the exception to the rule, we advise that you never attempt this look; ever.

3. Shorts & High Heels

High-heels do not belong with shorts. This is a simple fact, and yet we see this fashion faux pas committed on a worryingly regular basis. You could have killer legs that go on for miles, but teaming them with a pair of shorts just makes it look like you’re trying too hard. Trainers and pumps look great with shorts, so save the killer heels for evening-time.

4. Leggings & Babydoll Tops

Leggings worn as trousers can be pretty unforgiving on any shape or size, and combined with a short babydoll t-shirt, just draws focus to the areas of your body that are best left covered. The worst culprits are those that choose to wear beige or nude leggings. At a quick glance, it’s easy to mistake them as being naked from the waist down, and this can be particularly alarming on the early-morning commute to work.

5. Over-Accessorising

When it comes to accessories, less is usually more. The mistake that people often make is that they pull out every item of jewellery they own, and end up looking more ‘trashy’ than ‘flashy’. The rule of thumb is that if you wear a necklace, don’t wear any bangles or bracelets. Equally, if you’re wearing a pair of large glittery earrings, keep the necklace simple and discreet, and vice versa.

So, if you’ve ever committed any of these fashion sins, now that you’re armed with this advice, we expect much more from everyone in 2013.

Source by William K Hill

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