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What is the Difference Between Popping and Locking? - HIP HOP MINUTE
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What is the Difference Between Popping and Locking?



Locking is often confused with other dance styles, most notably popping. What is locking? Is it street dance, is it hip-hop dance, is it a funk style?

The answer to this question will draw different responses from different people. However it is generally accepted that it falls under the general ‘street dance category.’

It is generally accepted to be part of hip-hop history and the wider term ‘hip hop dance’ to include locking, popping and breaking.

It is also termed under the ‘funk styles’ term which is probably the most precise if you want to give it a label.

Usually it is confused with popping because locking and popping both came into being at around the same time, locking coming just before popping in the late sixties. Also many of the early adopters of these dance styles would do performances incorporating both popping and locking in them.

However it is important to note that these are two completely different dance styles. When locking and popping are done in the same performance it is sometimes called ‘pop-locking’ a slightly ambiguous term which has drawn many voices into the discussion whether it is an appropriate term.

Politics aside, locking is deemed to be one style and popping is one style. Locking is generally a lot looser incorporating ‘stops’ where the movement is stopped before continuing in relation with the funk rhythms.

A lot of the time the postures are quite relaxed and muscles relaxed before they may strengthen up in the actual stops.

Popping on the other hand makes use of flexing or contracting and relaxing of muscles. Often the dancer is popping different parts of the body at the same time.

Both dances draw on certain key elements in their respective styles. For example in locking, ‘stopping’ the moves and grooving certain moves are prerequisites however the moves themselves may carry many forms and variations.

The same applies to popping, the technique of ‘popping’ the muscles is used in different moves which may look different but carry the technique of popping in their execution.

Whether to include both locking and popping, or just one of them in a performance is at the dancers’ discretion. Usually they would need to have some level of proficiency in both styles to attempt this while many dancers like to base performances around one style.

Of course the best way to differentiate between the dance styles is to watch each of the styles in their own right. Watching a few videos of just pure locking or just pure popping will show you the stylistic elements and many of the popular moves that each style includes.

And then when you come to watch a performance that incorporates multifarious dance styles you can say, “That is some popping”, or “that is some locking.” Quickly followed by, “I know the difference between locking and popping.”

Source by Kevin Shwe

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Jarred J. Rosenberg’s “Vaulted” has the Music Industry on the Edge of Their Seats



Jarred J. Rosenberg


Growing up in Long Island, New York, Jarred J. Rosenberg gravitated towards music at a young age. He knew that when he was older, he was destined to make a colossal impact on the music industry. When it came time for him to make the decision to either bet on himself or take a 9-5 job, he made the courageous decision to follow his heart. He was intrigued with the behind-the-scenes process of the music industry, so he decided to become a manager.

Jarred set the intention for himself of helping as many artists fulfill their dreams as possible. With a keen ear for talent, Jarred began to fortify his craft and seek out the best artists in his area. News began to spread like wildfire as Jarred started to catapult artist careers into the heavens. Fast forward a few years and today Jarred is a top manager in the industry who focuses on developing artists, their image, and persona. In addition, he has developed his craft as a social media guru, getting artists recognized overnight.

Jarred is gearing up to release his debut album that he executive produced titled “Vaulted”. The release date of this project is not yet finalized but Jarred has confirmed that it will be released towards the end of 2021. “I called it “Vaulted” because it is music, I’ve worked on with artists that they never chose to release for one reason or another. It was forgotten about, essentially locked away in a vault until now. I believe these songs deserve to be heard and I decided to leverage my platform to make that happen.” This highly anticipated album has the industry buzzing and is a thrilling time for Jarred as he endeavors into another aspect of his career. “Vaulted” is guaranteed to be full of fire songs that can be enjoyed by all genres of ears. Make sure to follow Jarred for the specifics regarding his debut project.

Follow Jarred Rosenberg on the following platforms:

Instagram: @jarredrosenberg

Tik Tok: @jarredrosenberg

Spotify: Jarred J. Rosenberg

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Is Pardyalone Bringing Minnesota into the Music Scene?



Music is a form of expression that connects an artist with their fans. The lyrics, the rhythm, and the beats merge to create a magic that can resonate with hearts and even soothe souls. Pardyalone is one such artist who can strike the chords of millions of ailing hearts through his music. He is taking Minnesota to a whole new level by adding a punch of his energy and slices of his real-life experiences into his music. Pardyalone is more than just a singer or a musician. He is an artist who penetrates the superficiality of the world to reach the bottom of his listeners’ hearts. The biggest inspiration for his creation is his real-life experiences that flow through his lyrics in his signature style. 

Pardyalone’s story starts with a great childhood full of fun. Never in his life did Pardyalone anticipate that he would have to go through several mental traumas during his adolescence. Growing up in a close-knit family has its perks, but it has its downsides too. Pardyalone felt suffocated because no one understood the thoughts and feelings of a teenage kid. At times, he felt he could not speak his mind or share his thoughts with anyone. This eventually led him to depression and anxiety. Throughout his life, Pardyalone has dealt with several issues like a broken home, heartbreak, abandonment, and pessimism. 

As a result of years of personal trauma, Pardyalone developed several mental issues where music became his only solace. He found music a means to vent his emotions and feelings. He wants his music to comfort people the way he had craved during his struggle to overcome his mental health issues. He weaves real-life experiences through his music, which helps him connect to his audiences on a deeper level. His fans feel a true connection with the message in his songs that fits their real-life situations. 

In every song that Pardyalone creates, he develops a character through sound, visuals, and energy. His style of music and his sound isn’t reciprocal but relative. This is where he has managed to carve a niche for himself in the industry, distinguishing himself from his contemporaries. He stepped into the mainstream music industry to soothe people desperately trying to feel better about themselves. His songs support those who are fighting similar situations that Pardyalone earlier went through. This healing motive behind his art has been featured in several media outlets, including multiple Minnesota newspapers. 

Over the years, Pardyalone has gathered a huge follower base on social media platforms. This fanbase has earned him over 2 million streams of his music. His story has been covered by renowned publications like Promoting Sounds, Elevator, FutureHype, and Masked Mortal. But all these accomplishments came with several challenges for Pardyalone. He overcame financial issues when his studio was flooded but developed good relationships with other artists who helped him record songs even in trying times. 

Now, Pardyalone is on a mission to advocate the importance of mental health through various means apart from songs. He wants to start a non-profit organization to help children who have no one to talk to and become a motivational speaker highlighting mental health issues. Pardyalone has dedicated his life to inspiring the youth by converting his music into a form of therapy for ailing hearts.

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Rising NC artist Tristen Davies Shares ‘The Therapist’ Music Video



Rising NC artist Tristen Davies Shares ‘The Therapist’ Music Video

Almost a year after receiving a co-sign from Denzel Curry on his first music video “Ello Gov’Nor“, Tristen Davies returns to the spotlight with his new single ‘The Therapist’, a chill beats with a catchy melody featuring sonic elements of both the present and past.

Tristen’s greatest skill is his ability to blend a wide range of sounds into a lovely song. In his new song “The Therapist,” you can hear that harmony. Everything is set out in such a way that it puts your mind at ease.

The 19-year-old Raleigh, North Carolina native began to develop a passion for music at a young age and would always envision himself as a huge star.

Tristen prides himself on creating music that is fun and full of energy. He intends for all who listen to his music to catch a vibe and have a great time. Most of his lyrical influence comes from his past experiences which he delivers through his art in an exuberant and uplifting way.

Moving forward, Tristen hopes to grow both as an artist and as an inspiration. His artistic desires lie in improving his own skills and eventually working with artists who have inspired him. Most important for the 19-year-old, though, is reaching his audience with his music. Maintain his original sentiment for sharing his passion, helping just one person feel something by way of his music is enough for Tristen.

Watch “The Therapist” and also check out his new album “prodigy” below.

Connect with Tristen Davies on social media for updates on new music, videos, and more; @tristenadavies

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