Victim In Violent Altercation With Chad Wheeler Gives First Interview

Alleah Taylor speaks out for the first time, telling her side of the traumatic events that resulted in Ex-Seahawks player Chad Wheeler exploding and beating her, being so out of control police tasers wouldn’t work.

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Two weeks ago, Chad Wheeler was arrested for suspicion of domestic violence and at the time, not even that description could have paint the entire picture of horrific acts he committed. Allegedly, the entire situation stemmed from Chad demanding his girlfriend bow to his feet and after she refused, he blacked out and beat her almost to her death.

Even the police’s account of the story painted a picture of an out of control manic as three men struggled to get him under control. Even tasers didn’t work and once he was calmed down, the police still couldn’t get much information from out of him. When they arrived, they could hear the dispute between Chad and his girlfriend Alleah.

Chad will eventually be booked and bonded out and plead not guilty, issuing a half-ass apology on social media. Until then, his girlfriend is speaking out publicly with CBS This Morning. You can watch her full interview below.

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