Urban Slang – What Does WWJKD Mean?

WWJKD or “What Would James Kirk Do” is a phrase that was derived from the famous WWJD or “What Would Jesus Do” saying, but substituting the iconic commander of the Starship Enterprise for Jesus as the object of inspiration, bringing a humorous twist to the old classic.

The phrase has been in existence for some time, but with the latest outing for the Star Trek franchise, “Star Trek (2009)”, it has found a new following amongst the younger generation. It’s meaning is fairly self explanatory, when you find yourself in a challenging situation or surrounded by danger you can find a solution to your problem by asking yourself, what would James Kirk do?

It’s a tongue in cheek homage to the exploits of Captain Kirk and his unique unorthodox problem solving techniques. Who else, when faced with a computer or robot bent on destroying the human race, could destroy it just by talking to it and making it see the error of its ways. Who could go into any conflict declaring everyone else to be wrong and only his opinion to be right and not only win the day but emerge unscathed from even the most seemingly desperate situation. So remember if you need a plan, just ask yourself WWJKD?!

This is one of the many so called urban slang phrases that have started to gain widespread usage and popularity via cyberspace and the internet – a medium which has made it so much easier to reach a wide audience. Urban Dictionary’s website has over 300000 entries, containing not only new slang terms, but also modern alternative definitions for everyday words. Being user generated, anyone can contribute words or meanings, resulting in it evolving on a daily basis.

Source by Tony Kitson

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