Trump Administration Trolls Joe Biden with “You Ain’t Black” T-Shirts

Trump Administration Trolls Joe Biden with "You Ain't Black" T-Shirts

The t-shirts went up for purchase just hours after the former VP’s Breakfast Club interview.

The Trump administration has already flipped Joe Biden’s “You Ain’t Black” gaff into a campaign booster.

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According to The Hill, within mere hours of Biden’s controversially-capped Breakfast Club interview, t-shirts with the line went up for sale on the Trump campaign’s site for $30. The info section features a cartoonish edit of the viral clip, stamping the former VP as racist for his comment.

For his part, Biden was quick to apologize. “I shouldn’t have been such a wise guy,” he told a group of black business leaders on a call yesterday after a round of instant backlash. He added, “There are African Americans who think Trump is worth voting for. I don’t think so and I’m prepared to put my record against his, that was the bottom line and it was really unfortunate, I shouldn’t have been so cavalier.”

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It’s unclear how Biden’s comments may have affected his standing with black voters, but both he and Trump will be competing for their support in November’s presidential election (if that’s something we can even count on happening still.) We’ll have to wait and see if Biden’s polling in black communities (currently showing a 30-40 point lead) takes a hit in the weeks and months ahead.



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