Top Celebrity Perfumes for Women

Nowadays you can’t pick up a magazine without seeing an advertisement from a celebrity promoting their own perfume or line of beauty products. The big question that comes to my mind is their perfume actually wearable or it is plainly a foul odor. While some of us are nervous to try a scent by a tween star such as Britney Spears or Gwen Stefani, others give high reviews to Paris Hilton’s fragrance.

With that said, let’s see which celebrity perfumes have been rated the best.

Jennifer Lopez Live Luxe Eau De Parfum Spray – introduced in 2006 as a feminine scent this perfume’s top notes include peach, pear then blending into freesia, honeysuckle and muguet. The scent finishes off with amber, musk, sandalwood and vanilla. Many of those who wear Live Luxe have gotten great compliments and questioned on the name and brand. This is a perfume that many men seem to enjoy their mate wearing.

Britney Spears Fantasy Eau De Parfum Spray – this is the second of her perfume line that was launched in 2005. A fun and invigorating scent, this feminine scent possesses a blend of red lychee, kiwi, cupcake, jasmine, white chocolate, musk, and orris root. Many women agree that it smells good enough to actually admit in public that they are wearing it. Fantasy is recommended for daytime wear.

Sarah Jessica Parker Lovely Eau De Parfum Spray – the latest from Coty, this gorgeous perfume for women is a beautiful blend of mandarin, rosewood, lavender, apple martini and bergamot. The heart of the perfume is of orchid, patchouli and finishes off to cedar, white amber, woods and musk. Many women have fallen in love with this perfume commenting that it’s a fresh scent that lasts all day.

Paris Hilton Can Can Eau De Parfum Spray – this perfume was launched in 2007 as a very sensual yet playful fragrance. The top notes consist of clementine flower, cassis and nectarine. The middle notes are of wild orchids and orange blossoms, finishing off with base notes of soft musk, amber and woods. Can Can is soft yet very distinctive and recommended for evening or day wear. Many women enjoy its nice, light sweet smell that is well balanced and not overpowering or overwhelming.

With Love Hilary Duff Eau De Parfum Spray – is a youthful fragrance with notes of mangosteen fruit, spices, mangosteen flower, cocobolo wood, amber milk, and amber. It’s a very feminine fragrance that is not too strong. At first, many women didn’t think they would enjoy this fragrance from a teen star until they inhaled deeper and enjoyed the fruity, light and not overpowering scent.

Sean John Unforgivable Eau De Parfum Spray – this perfume was launched in 2007 and includes notes of bergamot, orange, neroli, cassis, grapefruit, apple, cucumber, piña colada, orange flower, jasmine, violet, muguet, freesia, cyclamen, amber, tonka beans, coco de mer, vanilla tears, cedar, sandalwood, oak moss, patchouli, vetiver and iris. This fragrance is admired by many women as it makes them feel sexy when wearing it.

Never be afraid to try something new regardless if it’s got a movie or music stars name on it. You just may be pleasantly surprised.

Source by Patti Zimmerman

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