To Mistresses – From a Former Mistress

The mindset of a mistress is a dark place. Indeed, it is true. How do I know? I was a mistress. Am I proud? Resounding, no! Did I learn something? Yes, absolutely! Years have passed and I realized that “love” was not the main reason why people are falling for it. I believe it’s more within their ego. They want to prove to the world that by using their physical and sexual attractiveness, they will be able to find a partner who truly “love” them and willing to give up his family for them. Home-wreckers will never win. Not today, not tomorrow, not in a lifetime.

Regardless of how some “lucky”, immoral women just proven themselves that they are capable to ruin a family. Are they lucky? I don’t think so. When you date a married man and he leaves his wife for you, you enter a world of lies. Admitting to the fact that he cheated with you, means he has the capability to cheat on you along the way. That has been proven. No relationship has gone successful with a wrong start.

By being a mistress, she only needs one thing, and that is attention. The problem is you are too focused on the wrong goal. There are many ways that people can notice you; you are too blind to distinguish it, because you want an attention and you think it is possible when you flirt with someone.

Let’s use Facebook posts as an example, most of us will just post the prettiest pictures. In addition, we omit the photos that are “unflattering” to our viewers. Why? Because again, we want the attention. Don’t spare me here.

For those mistresses that reached the finish line (break up) you should be the happiest woman now. You just freed yourself from a nightmare. Always remember that you are special and deserve the best. Never be contented by being a maintenance. There’s a huge difference between being a “wifeable” and a “FuBu”. Strive to be a “wifeable”. Respect, love and reserve yourself for the one who is worth it.

One thing I learned from this is you will never going to move forward until you accept and learn from your mistakes. Accept that you were once a home-wrecker. Accept that you almost ruined a child/children’s lives. Accept that everybody hates the mistress.

Remember, there is a huge difference between faithfulness and loyalty. A faithful person is someone who does not have the time to be attracted to others; his/her attention is exclusively for the one they truly love. In contrast, a loyal person is someone who is still attracted to others, appreciates beauty and flirts in some ways, but knows where his/her heart belongs to. So, who are you going to be with?

Source by Cess Piano

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