The Unipolar and Bipolar Theories of Magnetic Application

You have probably heard about the positive effects magnets have upon human body. Also, you probably know that these effects are the results of balancing the magnetic energy (MG) each person has inside of their body. What people most often do not know is that there are more types of magnetic energy and, thus, more ways of magnetic application. But let’s take them one step at a time!

I was mentioning above that there are more types of MG In fact there are three such magnetic energies which can help revive the human body. The first one is the South Pole magnetic energy, which is produced by the magnet of the South Pole, the second is the magnetic energy produced by the North Pole, which is called (you guessed!) North Pole magnetic energy and last is the bipolar magnetic energy which is the result of the mixing of the North and South Pole energies. Each of these three types of energy has its own effects upon the human body. This is why, they are used in treating different diseases and conditions.

Because there is more than one type of magnetic energy, there is also more than one type of magnetic application. This time there are two ways in which you can use magnetic therapy. You can either place only one magnet (the North Pole magnet or the South Pole magnet -according to your needs) or you can place both magnets, one on one side of the body and the other one on the other side of the body.

The first procedure, which involves the application of only one of the magnets, is called unipolar theory. Even though it can have positive results on the human body, the unipolar theory is not so well regarded by most magnetic therapy specialists, as much of the magnetic therapy does not go inside the body, but rather is wasted in the atmosphere. The reason: only one magnet cannot create a magnetic field which will penetrate the body and effectively treat the disease or condition for which is used.

In contrast, the bipolar theory, which presupposes the use of both magnets is considered much more effective precisely because between the two magnets a magnetic field is created, which enables the magnetic energy to penetrate the body effectively and treat the disease faster. This is mainly why the bipolar theory is much wider accepted and used in the magnetic treatment of diseases and ailments.

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