The Most Extravagant Celebrity Gifts Of 2020 (So Far)

Have you ever spent a quarter of a million dollars on cars, jewelry or luxury accoutrements to gift someone special? Yea, neither have we which makes the lifestyles of the rich and icy so intriguing to anyone with regular shmegular bills, financial obligations and rent.

Like anyone who isn’t rich, we’d absolutely LOVE to be rich with mountains of blowable cash to make lavish purchases from swanky spots without ever having to look at price tags or check our bank account before swiping.

Seriously, what’s the point of flexing if you can’t stunt on the gram for hundreds (or thousands) of non-rich people to see? Honestly, there is none.

So, with that said, we present the biggest celebrity purchases of the year (so far) that we’re sure will make you feel poor while serving as motivation for your post-‘rona Instaflexing.

Peep the most extravagant celebrity gifts of 2020 (so far) on the flip.

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