The Denon AVR-791: No Regrets About Buying This Receiver

Recently, my Technics receiver which I had for quite some time finally broke down and quit on me. I ended up buying the Denon AVR-791, with no regrets. It was between that or several Onkyo receivers which looked impressive, also. But in the end, I chose Denon.

There are several reasons I would recommend purchasing any Denon receiver. The setup for my home theater system is outstanding. I couldn’t ask for better sound. I put the volume level at 4, and the whole house shakes.

I’ll admit that the instructions in the setup manual were not as clear as they could have been. However,once I got past that obstacle, it was well worth the one time hassle. I had to call Denon’s customer service and a technician guided me through the setup process.

I was debating whether to buy all new components, or just the receiver alone. I’m glad I chose just the receiver, because all the problems I had with my previous receiver seem to be gone. problems like distortion and just poor sound quality were enough to make me upgrade.

Another thing that I like about the Denon AVR-791 is that I’m able to hook up more components to the unit such as my iPod and PC. A receiver that is 15 years old is not going to be compatible for these kind of things. I was also blown away by the HD radio. I’ve never heard an FM reception so clear before in my life. Even the AM reception was amazing. I didn’t experience the static you normally hear when listening to AM radio.

For the unit’s technical details, it has Dolby TrueHD, web interface (which might take some time to get used to), decoding with DTS-HD Master, firmware updates, easy to customize installer logins (I wish I would have known about this feature because I wouldn’t have had to spend a half hour on the phone with a technician), and calibration of speakers.

It also works with any kind of analog components. One thing I was concerned about was that my VCR and DVD player wouldn’t work with the newer technology. As it turns out, all my components work just fine. I took into consideration all of these factors when buying the AVR-791.

To wrap up my Denon AVR-791 review, I would say that this is one of the top receivers around today. I made comparisons between other brands such as Sosy, Magnavox, and Onkyo. I have found that the Denon 791 is the easiest to use, has the best sound, and is the most functional.

Source by Tyrone Hoffman

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