The Crowd Chants Avery Avery Avery!

Sean Avery responds after being benched in Atlanta with one of his most complete games as a Ranger! He hit people, He drew penalties, got under players skin and oh yeah he scored two goals.

Getting the nod for the number one star of the game Avery also helped his team get within a point of the Boston Bruins who are currently holding down the number eight seed for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference.

A face off won by the Rangers deep in the Flyers zone Avery charged straight for the Flyers goal and bounced on a loose puck that he back handed home to tie the game at one. His second goal came off a turn over that Avery originally created that went to Chris Dury as Dury would feed the puck back to Avery he walked into the zone on the boards and made a quick release towards the Flyers goal that caught Philadelphia goalie M. Leighton off guard and sailed home giving the Rangers a much needed two goal lead.

Sam Rosen shouted Sean Avery with a Sunday special after the goal that gave the Rangers a commanding lead with time winding down. The Rangers would eventually go on to win the game 3-1 and Avery was saluted by his coach and his teammates.

“The thing about his game that I liked is that he let his play do the talking, and I think that’s very important,” is what coach John Torteralla said about Sean also saying “Sean needs to realize that he is a really good player and let his play do the talking.”

Dury, Dubinsky and Lundqvist also praised Sean for his play in a desperate time of the season. Sean and the Blue Shirts will have to continue their solid play against the Montreal Canadians on Tuesday night. A team that’s ahead of them in the standings and with only 13 games left to play this is an almost must win for the team.

Get a closer look at Sean Avery on the piece E:60 did on him here.

Source by John Borruso

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