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The Basics of Electronic Music Production



In its simplest form, music production is the process by which music is created. Usually this process is broken down into recording, mixing and mastering, which are completed in that order. Each one of these tasks is crucial to the listenability of a song, and each should be done with the utmost care.

Since electronic music originated from the small time artist fiddling with various synthesizers and hardware equipment, most electronic music producers today do all or most of the processes described above themselves. This is in part due to the historic ties of the practices, but also since many producers own all the equipment and software necessary to do all three parts, they are willing to save the money on production costs and not outsource the job to a designated professional. This is unlike a traditional band or artist who only possess their talent, and cannot do all three parts, thus requiring them to hire a studio.

In the world of electronic music, virtually every artist uses a DAW, or digital audio workspace. A list of several popular DAWs can be found here. There are very few artists remaining who do all aspects of production exclusively with hardware. Typically inside your DAW, there will several stock synthesizers, effects, and production tools, but virtually every DAW these days allows plugins to be added.

The first step in the journey into electronic music production is to purchase a digital audio workspace. Most DAWs on the market will supply you with ample tools to complete all stages of production.

YouTube is an excellent resource for electronic music production basics. I cannot stress enough how import it is to understand at the very least the fundamentals of your software before attempting large scale song composition. I have seen far too many aspiring producers quit just days after purchasing their Digital Audio Workspace simply because they did not understand its various kinks, or could not quickly find the tools they found to be necessary. YouTube is an excellent place to learn your DAW quickly, as there exist a wealth of tutorials. It may be helpful to set up a second screen while you learn your software so you can complete the tasks side by side the Youtuber.

You may ask why learn a basic analog synthesizer as opposed to a digital one. Well the vast majority of synthesizers on the market now are based almost entirely off of the original analog concept of a synthesizer. This article here explains the basic way in which an analog synthesizer functions. Understanding this will put you light years ahead on understanding more complicated software synthesizers such as Camel Audio’s Alchemy (Which has tragically been liquidated).

While learning your plugins is not as important as understanding the functionality of a basic synthesizer or your DAW, it is very important to be able to achieve passable results from a small number of plugins before purchasing other, more complicated ones. Understand the basics of a compressor is vital before moving onto more niche plugins, like Native Instruments Supercharger, since if you do not understand what you are doing with a plugin, it is very likely that you will not be able to fix subtle problems in your mix or master when they arise. These problems can come from electronic music production mistakes such as a too short of attack time on a compressor, or over limiting a mix. These are some of the basics that go into understanding the fundementals and basics of electronic music production today.

Source by Sterling Rollins

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Learn About the DENON S302 DVD Home Theater System



One night several years ago, I finally said enough was enough. I was tired of the piles of cables and cords lying behind the entertainment console and the makeshift speakers positioned all around the room. The goal behind it was surround sound. So the next day my husband went on a mission to discover something that would improve our lives. We decided to try the Denon S302 DVD Home Theater System. It had a lot of great features, but also a few issues.

Rather than name all the positives, I felt everyone deserved to hear a few of our struggles with the Denon S302 DVD Home Theater System. First of all, we got it because our son wanted to hook his iPod into the system. The box claimed it was perfect for this option, but the price tag also said $1,600 US. It said it would replace all systems and would have more wattage with the speakers and subwoofer. It also claimed to easily hook up with our other products like an Ethernet cable and a built-in wireless system. These all seemed like good choices that day.

We were so thrilled when we realized we could tune into Internet radio, play computer videos and enjoy the wide range of radio stations through the tuner. However, after we installed the software that we had to pay extra for so it would connect with the PC, we discovered there weren’t enough connections in the back. Even wireless connections were lacking. This created a few issues.

If you want a good starter system, then the Denon S302 DVD Home Theater System is one to try. However, it wasn’t right for us. One the other hand, you should check it out yourself and see how it works for you. You may find it’s perfect.

Source by Bobby Miller

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Obesity – Toxic Food



Doing a recent tally of our rapidly disappearing freedoms I got to wondering about the increasing practice in the UK of refusing essential medical procedures to people who are deemed too fat. We all eat and, according to surveys, most of us still believe to be true that which is presented to us in the mainstream media. It seems hardly fair then to deny an individual medical treatment because they have become obese, yet at the same time connive in the relentless daily promotion of products heavily laced with hydrogenated fat and other man made chemicals, by food manufacturers and multinational supermarkets.

Their reasoning seems to go something like this:

‘We will continue to bombard you with images of synthetic and unhealthy foods at every opportunity and particularly at those times your subconscious is off guard and at its most vulnerable. But if you will persist in being brainwashed by the artfully enticing imagery and carefully targeted soundbites, and allow yourself to overindulge in that which we are, at great expense, striving to persuade you to overindulge in, then we will have no option but to withdraw your right to medical treatment irrespective of your continuing compulsory life long contributions’.

Imagine for a moment if you can, an emotionally detached psychopath legally empowered to execute ad agency executives and food manufacturers alike unless the unadulterated truth is broadcast instead of the usual ‘beautiful’ people promoting the usual ‘this is so good for you’ consumer targeted spin.

I think it may go something like this :

‘The picture on this packet has been produced in a special effects studio with the assistance of shaving foam, polystyrene offcuts, colour enhanced engine oil and high sheen hairspray. Disclaimer : The promotional image on the packet sleeve should not be taken as an indication of the contents’.

‘For hygiene purposes we can guarantee the ingredients have been thoroughly boiled at extremely high temperatures for an extensive period at our purpose-built factory thus ensuring that texture and any remaining nutrients have been eliminated although we cannot give assurance that every operative will have washed their hands after a visit to the rest room since we do not have the staff’.

‘Aspartame : has been added to satisfy the public’s penchant for a hint of sweetness, to confuse diabetics and those who imagine it will lead to weight loss. The methanol from aspartame is converted to formaldehyde and then formic acid. Unlike natural fruit and alcoholic beverages there is no ethanol to counteract this. Chronic, low-level exposure to methanol has been seen to cause heart disease and pancreatic inflammation; everything from weight gain to seizures, strokes to liver and kidney failure to anti social behaviour and depression. In fact there are over 90 known incapacitating conditions attributed to regular ingestion of aspartame, far too numerous to list in this brief summary. But we can let you know aspartame is a neurotoxin and an excitotoxin. Which is to say it will ‘excite’ neural cell activity to the point where brain cells will self destruct. Over time fewer brain cells and creeping memory loss will leave you at a distinct disadvantage for critical evaluation of future food marketing campaigns’.

‘We take this opportunity to offer a special tribute to the EU, the FSA and the FDA for their combined efforts in banning the sale of Stevia, a natural, calorie free sweetener with no side effects’, which would have had serious potential to damage our profit margins’.

‘Hydrogenated Oil and Fat : added to create a nice feel and sense of texture. Each batch of hydrogenated oil has its own characteristics and we cannot control the outcome. Inevitably residues will remain in the final product but we do successfully remove all traces of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. This is achieved by injecting hydrogen into oil at high pressure with temperatures reaching 210C in the presence of a carcinogen, usually a compound comprising 50 percent nickel and 50 percent aluminium, for approximately 6 to 8 hours. The resultant malodorous trans fatty glue is then bleached and deodorized and classified as a plastic’.

‘The human body does not know what to do with plastic so dumps it wherever there is a space handy, usually along artery walls and around the midriff adjacent to vital organs such as the pancreas, significantly hampering the optimal function of insulin receptors and corrupting a wide range of metabolic processes including those of unborn offspring’.

‘The benefit of this synthetic chemical to the profit margins of food retailing multinationals in prolonging shelf life cannot be overstated and far outweighs any bothersome disabilities you may experience’.

‘We work closely with the pharmaceuticals who in turn work tirelessly to produce and promote a choice of ‘corrective’ drugs for each and every unpleasant or life threatening syndrome you may develop’.

‘This product may contain traces of insecticide, fungicide and herbicide’.

Nice Fantasy while it lasted….back to the usual hogwash then.

Source by Elga Mackie

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Lenovo IdeaPad 720S Info: All the Details You Need to Know About This Razor-Thin Notebook



One brand that can always be counted on to deliver high-quality computers is Lenovo. This is especially true with business laptops, like the new thin, light and sleek Lenovo IdeaPad 720S. The premium laptop doesn’t have to be used for just business, however, as its hardware and software are powerful enough for entertainment as well. There are many fun things you can do on this computer.

The first thing you’ll likely notice when you take it out of a box is its anodized-aluminum design and beveled edge. The back and front edges can both tilt in the same direction. The display is available in 14-inch or 15.6-inch sizes.

Not only does the anodized aluminum look good, it has the additional benefit of dispersing heat efficiently. The 720s stays cool to the touch, even after streaming HD video.

Here’s an overview of the specs:

• Processor: 8th generation (14-inch version) Intel Core i5 processor – 6MB – 1.60 GHz / 7th generation (15-inch) Intel core i5 – 6MB – 2.50 GHz

• Memory: 8GB DDR4 2400-MHz (both versions)

• Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce dedicated graphics – 2GB (14-inch version) / NVIDIA GeForce GTX – 4GB (15-inch version

• Hard drive: 256GB PCIe Solid State Drive (both versions)

• OS: Windows 10 Home Edition – 64 version

• Wireless technology: 802.11 AC (2 x 2 version)

• Bluetooth: Version 4.1

The displays are designed the same, even though they’re different sizes. Either way, you still wind up with a FHD IPS screen with 1920 x 1080 resolution, anti-glare technology (touchscreen is optional), and integrated webcam. This camera is 0.9-megapixels and produces good images. The speakers are JBL-tuned and do a good job of delivering solid sound.

Battery of the Lenovo IdeaPad 720S

Another great thing about this IdeaPad is its four-cell 55-watt hour li-polymer battery, with its more than nine hours of life per charge. There’s not a problem when it gets down to 0%, either, as it only takes one hour of charging for the battery to get all the way up to 80%. You can charge via USB cable. The ports that come with the notebook include USB Type-A (always-on), USB 3.0 Type-C, USB 3.1 Thunderbolt, 2-in-1 headphone/microphone jack, and 4-in-1-card reader.

You know you’ve got a nice looking machine when it has been treated with similar techniques used to polish and shape diamonds. The Lenovo IdeaPad 720S has been redesigned with angled edges that make it look very thin. It’s recommended that you choose the optional fingerprint reader to keep all of your data safe and secure.

After reading a Lenovo IdeaPad 720S review, the very next step is to look at coupons to help you save money on this machine. If you are thinking of ordering accessories for it, you should easily be able to obtain Lenovo promo codes to help you save on those as well.

Source by George Botwin

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