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Tapping Into Your Animal Instincts



Keep it simple stupid. That’s how the saying goes, but if we follow this advice and really examine our everyday human interactions, you’ll realize that as intellectual as we may be, no matter how beautifully complex we are, when it comes down to it we’re really just smart ass animals.

Our urges, impulses, wants and needs trump the distractions (think careers, technology, MONEY) that are both self-imposed and placed on us. One of my philosophies I’m liable to share after a few brews between friends is simply this; in the physical sense, we’re placed on this planet for one reason and one reason only-to have sex. We’re hardwired to our core to want and need it, and the majority of what we do can all come back to it.

Though Sigmund Freud is the most recognizable Psychological mind ever, he catches a lot of flack by some for his theories. I won’t bore you with a lecture on it, but he basically says that from birth, we develop in psychosexual stages. Through these five stages, we satisfy our sexual urges. To be clear, this doesn’t mean that your infant would have a stash of “baby porn” (I’m worried about the Feds knocking on my door after typing that phrase alone), but that we’re born with a libido, and that it manifests itself in different ways as we mature. Basically, you go from having an oral fixation and manipulating attention by being cute (baby), to having kiddy crushes on your parents through Oedipus and Electra complexes (toddler) to having actual sexual feelings, expressed with genital awareness and masturbation, to actual relationships and having sex.

You can look at these theories and pick and choose how literal you want to take things, but the fact remains that to our core, sex and “animalistic” urges dominate every part of our lives. We intellectualize things a lot and try to be politically correct, which is good in a sense, but in another sense I think we outsmart ourselves.

I grabbed a beer with my co-workers recently, and those of us that are married went into the inevitable “How did you meet?” stories. Without fail, each and every story started with strong physical feelings (I guess you can call it lust), that happened unplanned and opened the door to getting to know that person. A lot of people have laundry lists of what they want in a partner (height, weight, hair color, number of degrees, salary, etc.) tucked away in their back pocket, and they go out into the world with that list and start looking for love. Doesn’t happen that way.

Now to be clear, I’m not saying that you should hoe it up and expect love to happen. I’m mainly saying that you’re likely going to find love in a more animalistic, or primal way than you think, even if there’s no sex involved immediately. Attraction comes first, and then you make a decision whether to act on or it not as you get to know each other. Though my ideal woman is smart, funny and attractive, her resume that lists her degrees and comedy credits isn’t even going to reach my desk if she looks like Precious. Just being real.

Now fellas, this goes both ways. Pop culture tries to sell us on this PC notion that the ideal guy cries as much as his woman, shares his feelings ad nauseum and doesn’t prioritize sex. In fact, the 2011 man is taught that having sexual urges makes you one of “those guys” and that all of their female friends and acquaintances are “good girls” that would be repulsed at those kinds of thoughts or actions. This breeds a whole lot of men that can provide the comfortable feelings that women enjoy, without the carnal urges that are needed for a healthy union between woman and man.

To be honest, the “friend zone” is nothing more than a guy who wants more but is scared to make a move. SHE doesn’t put you in it, you put yourself in it. While you’re being the All-American friend, she allows you to be the cuddly wuddly shoulder to cry on, while she gets her, ahem, needs fulfilled by the guy who she inevitably ends up crying to you about. Why? Because you ignored the animal in you and outsmarted yourself by thinking you’re above those sorts of things. Because you’ve evolved into a new millennium man and are above that primitive stuff.

OK, enough of the sex talk. In times of natural disaster, when our infrastructure collapses and the distractions we’ve created fade away, you’ll notice that our primal needs reach the forefront. All that matters is gathering food and water and feeding your family. I’m not talking about the NBA or NFL player “needing” the bigger contract because “I gotta feed my family.” No, I mean REALLY feed your family. Wayne said it best on one of his mixtapes a few years back: “Ain’t nobody safe when it’s for the kids sake.” I don’t advocate crime, but if the system collapses and you’re in survival mode, well, things tend to quickly become less PC.

We buy our food in neat little pretty packages at Wal-Mart, but we’re still buying raw, sometimes bloody meat that needs to be put to heat and eaten. We’ve come a long way so that instead of going out and hunting for the kill of the day, we can use our Kroger card and get gas discounts while buying the kill of the day, and eating it in our cushy condos.

We’ve evolved (as we should), but don’t believe for a second that those traits that got the cavemen through hard times don’t still ring true today. When things get real in your workplace, relationship, household or ANY situation in your daily life, think about the ways the animal in you might trump the intelligent, well-rounded human and help you get ahead in that situation. You might be surprised.

Source by Samson Jarrett

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How to Write Lyrics For a Song



There are many ways to write good lyrics to a song (or a poem). This article will present some different ideas, hopefully to help you consider some new avenues for your songwriting that you may not have thought of before.

When you look at successful song lyrics, in order to sound original, they tend to avoid trite phrases and often embrace tension, dissonance, or unexpected directions. The following are some strategies to consider for writing your own song lyrics:

Some songs are distinct because they contain plays on words. For example:

  • “You are my greatest mistake.” (Sheryl Crow)
  • “The only thing that looks good on me is you.” (Bryan Adams)


Some songs seem compelling because of ambiguity (what does the singer actually mean?) or what the songs leave out. It leaves a person guessing. For example:

  • “I would do anything for love, but I won’t do that…” (Meatloaf)
  • “Because the night”
  • “Don’t call me daughter, not fair to me.” (Pearl Jam)

Unexpected phrasing.

Surprising people with a phrase that is totally unexpected can deliver a big effect. For example:

  • “I may not always love you…” in God Only Knows


Some songs tell a story or a tale of some interesting experience or encounter.

  • “A long, long time ago…” in Don McLean’s American Pie
  • “The Story of my Life” by Deana Carter


Many songs pose questions, some of which may not have answers. For example,

  • “Why do birds suddenly appear?” by the Carpenters
  • “What’s my name?”, “Who wants to know?”, “Who am I?”


Many songs use a repeated word or phrase. For instance, count the number of repeated words in the following songs:

  • “I Believe” by Blessid Union of Souls
  • “Every Breath You Take” by the Police


Some songs have lurid, descriptive words that paint a scene:

  • “The screen door slams; Mary’s dress waves…’
  • “I see Maryanne walking away…”

Avoid cliches.. Unless you can add a new twist!

You should steer clear of the following cliches, unless you can add an unexpected, refreshing twist to them:

  • heartbeat like a drum
  • all night long
  • you are my fire.. desire
  • stood in the rain.. pain.. insane
  • cold as ice
  • fire in your eyes
  • catch me when I fall

Other Ideas.

There are endless other ways to write a good song lyric. Some approaches that have worked for others:

  • Geography (e.g. songs like California Dreamin, Kansas City, Living in America, Carolina on my Mind)
  • Names (e.g. “Amanda”, “Eileen”, “Mandy”, “Virginia”, and countless others)
  • Telephone numbers and letters
  • (e.g. songs like “Jenny”, “I Just Called to Say I Love You”)

  • Memories and time (songs centered around past, present, or future, e.g. “In my Life”, “Summer Holiday”, “Rock Around the Clock”, “Monday Monday”, etc.)

What’s Important to You?

Another idea is to consider the themes that are important in your own life (what you have passion about, whether it’s the environment, religion, politics, a hobby) and to write songs related to those themes. Sometimes a heartfelt song can be the best ones.

Remember to have fun!

Source by Rob Colston

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PharaDomo is Turning Heads With ‘Blood Money’




The East Flatbush section of Brooklyn, New York is home to rising rap star PharaDomo who is relentlessly on the pursuit to get his name known in the music industry. Dedicating all of his time and his money to his craft, PharaDomo is going all in on his dream of one day being at the top of the rap music world. He recently released a full-length project that has been seeing a large wave of support and for good reason. With songs like “Blood Money” on the track list it would be hard to pass up.

Blood Money” features PharaDomo speaking on how he knows that people are watching him live his new lifestyle that he has worked for, while they sit in the same spot they have for years. PharaDomo is elevating and can no longer relate to those not striving for more. He knows that if he stays the course that nothing will be able to stop him and his team, they just need to trust the process and follow through.

Blood Money” is one of the hottest tracks off of PharaDomo’s latest project and is well-worth the listen, Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for what PharaDomo is up to next. There’s no telling when his time will come, but one thing is for sure and that is that he is going to capitalize in every way possible.

Follow PharaDomo on Instagram here.

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Keed Coulgi Is Back At It Again: Haïti Rabòday Mix



Keed Coulgi

The music of Haiti combines a wide range of influences drawn from the many people who have settled on this Caribbean Island. It reflects French, African rhythms, Spanish elements and others who have inhabited the island of Hispaniola and minor native Taino influences. Styles of music unique to the nation of Haiti include music derived from rara parading music, twoubadou ballads, mini-jazz rock bands, rasin movement, hip hop Creòle, the wildly popular compas, and méringue as its basic rhythm. Haiti hadn’t had a recorded music until 1937 when Jazz Guignard was recorded non-commercially.

Keed Coulgi is back again, and this time he brought out the latest sound of Haïti rabòday mix with trendy sounds of Africa Afro beats and Jamaica’s dancehall. A true vibe that get the club jumping at any given moment. Coulgi is a dope freestyler lyricist that breaks the cursed of creating great music with great content. He recently released rabòday whine 4 me on all the streaming services; something that everyone can enjoy while out and about.

Keed Coulgi known for his abilities as a Musician, Rapper, Actor, Comedian, Terpsichorean, Choreographer, D.J, Host, Writer and Artist in the entertainment industry. He has participated in many student events to help raise money and promote the Haitian Culture. He has also taken part in various charity benefit shows for many social issues such as: HIV/AIDS and drug awareness. Coulgi has performed in some of the biggest Haitian and Jamaican shows such as The King of the Dancehall; The Compas Festival in Miami, and many more.

Follow Keed Coulgi on Instagram: @coulgi

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