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Status Quo Guitarist Rick Parfitt – The Bar Chord Guitar Master



Status Quo guitarist Rick Parfitt has been with the band since day one and in that time has become a much loved celebrity. He is regarded as half of the British Institution that is Status Quo, along with Francis Rossi. Rick has developed a trademark over the years which can be best demonstrated by simply listening to the introduction to the all time classic song Caroline.

Bar chords, or barre chords as they are sometimes called, are a difficult type of chord to play. Once they have been mastered they can add body to an otherwise empty sound. Rick has added this to Quo’s sound over the years and is part of the reason why they are such a force in their live performances.

The rhythm guitarist is an often unsung hero when it comes to being recognised for their musical contribution to a band, but somehow Rick has been duly recognised.

When you look at AC/DC the whole world seems to know about Angus Young, but Malcolm has a much lower public profile. He is another great guitarist that adds body to the band’s sound, particularly during Angus’ solos.

If you are looking to learn bar chords and want to develop the more powerful side of their sound, Rick Parfitt’s live performances show you what can be achieved.

He uses very thick strings on a 14 gauge or higher so that he can be confident that they won’t snap or go out of tune with the battering that they get. If you have ever tried bending a note with a string on this gauge, it’s almost impossible.

Also, in order to reduce the number of picks that he inevitably drops during a live performance, he pierces the pick several times with a bradawl around the area where the thumb and forefinger clasp the pick in a pincer style. Try this if you find that you drop the pick often.

Rick Parfitt has had a 40 year career from largely playing bar chords, so they may prove to be well worth the effort.

Source by Ross Edwards

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Kris The Shark’s “Impressions” has impressed his fans around the globe



Kris The Shark“Impressions” was released a few weeks ago. Within a few days of its release, the song went popular on the internet. Kris’s fame and reputation as a brilliant artist grew even more as a result. Someone who can display his thoughts for his fans to decipher.

Kris has always distinguished himself as an artist by expressing himself in unconventional ways. He expresses himself in such a way that it almost looks like he’s watching a movie. Except that the plot revolves around Kris’s mental landscape. He’s the same way with his music.

“Impressions” was created by Kris with the assistance of Rumor Records. They’ve previously worked with a slew of emerging artists to make songs. They’ve also done an excellent job with this song. When you listen to “Impressions” once, you’ll see what I mean. You will, without a doubt, be unable to stop yourself.

Kris’s arrival has jolted the music industry to its core. He appeared to be a bolt from nowhere. After the first release of “Impressions,” Kris has been making waves. The song has confirmed his status as a musical genius.

Listen to Kris The Shark here:

Follow Kris on Instagram at:

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Getting to know Memphis artist Willie Moe



Willie Moe is a professional musical artist and songwriter from Memphis, Tennessee.

Tell us about you:

The neighborhood I grew up in is Binghampton and it is in North Memphis. I’m in the music business as a writer, producer, and artist . I specialize in all genres of music when it comes writing and production. When involved in the recording process, I have neat tricks such as picking out a distinctive instrument within a instrumental and placing words alongside harmony to that one instrument . The musicianship and perspective of music separates all artists, from the voice, tones , messages, and flows .

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I will be a profound writer who has made countless of musical breakthroughs in the genre I love which is hip-hop . Also , I will have my fashion career established along with successful collaborations with Gucci, amiri , dolce and gabana, supreme ,off-white, and more . I will leave a legacy of love and humility for all art forms .

You can reach me by email at [email protected]

You can find me on ;

Instagram: @syeog

Twitter: @kingxwill32

Facebook : Willie Moore

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Steph Lamonte Uses Hip-Hop to Tell His Story



To flourish in the music industry, one must be able to carry out their songs in accordance with the message in their souls and heart. The hip-hop artist rising from the Queens borough of New York City, Steph Lamonte, is creating a legacy in others’ lives. He hopes to do this with the use of his music.

The African American community has always been underappreciated. For years, and up until now, these creative individuals are put into an unjust pigeonhole, whether it be in the fashion, art, business, and music industry. Yet these strong-willed humans continue to press forward in voicing their abilities and messages into the outer world, just like the musician Lamonte.

Steph Lamonte uses music as a source of positivity through honesty and vulnerability. He exposes himself and the story of his life from all different angles, the way no other artist has done. Bringing the listener to his own memory lane, the music artist tells the story of his becoming: from his childhood to the dramatic rollercoaster ride during his adolescent years, up until the maneuvering of his maturity.

For anyone that has felt confusion, anxiousness, and the need to speak up, one can truly learn and pick up something from the songs of Steph Lamonte. Throughout the recent release of his song “Justice,” he expresses the need to acknowledge the power of equality and seek justice in both the social and political problems the African American people face. He wrote it through a Malcolm X and Martin Luther King perspective that adds more impact to the relaying of meaning.

Atop the new song “Justice,” Steph Lamonte has more spirit of offering in his recent album “The Award Goes To,” and his single, “Healthy.” The morality, self-awareness, and a hint of politics related to everyone’s everyday life is what attracts the 20,000 streamers of this song alone. In just four years, Lamonte has gotten over 30,000 streams for his independent releases.

The freedom of Lamonte’s music continues to be the core of his hip-hop style. It has led him to be recognized as a verified music artist in Spotify, and he captivated the attention of renowned magazines like Skilly online.

From the comforts of his home, Steph Lamonte has mastered his music even with the use of metaphoric correlations. The hip-hop rapper and artist has also given himself a space for growth, learning to be an engineer of artists, videography, photography, and artistry. Lamonte has attracted the media, enabling him to represent himself for celebrated events due to his unique MC ability. He performed at the Florida Theater of Jacksonville, The Comfort Zone located in Toronto, Canada, and even in the Summer Fest in Queens, New York.

With his goal to touch the lives of people of all ages, the songs and music videos Steph Lamonte releases keep respect for individuals. He makes sure to use appropriate language without the use of profane words to deliver the mood that envelopes in Lamonte’s songs.

While Lamonte’s songs are a mere reflection of his story, stand, intentions, and life lessons learned, many of his lyrics talk about issues from a global perspective. His journey as an artist is drawn from the framework of living freely and the happiness that comes from it.

Learn more about Steph Lamonte by visiting his Spotify and Instagram accounts.

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