Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg have one of the most unexpected friendships. Who would have expected a gangster rapper to become close with a home improvement wizard? Their differences may have brought them closer as Martha and Snoop seemingly became best buds, even collaborating on an Emmy-nominated cooking show.

With Martha continuing her role as the go-to source for home improvement advice, she is teasing her new show Martha Knows Best. The HGTV program has officially earned its first trailer and, of course, Snoop makes an appearance in it.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

With the 78-year-old taking a sassy approach to the program, cursing a ton and throwing some shade here and there, one of the stand-out moments (for hip-hop fans, at least) comes when Snoop Dogg hops on a call with Martha. She tells him that she’s doing a “pot show” before he excitedly dances around before asking if she can teach him how to grow his own herb.

She will also be joined by a few more of her celebrity friends, including Lupita Nyong’o, Jay Leno, and more.

Martha Knows Best is set to premiere on July 31.

In other Snoop news, the rapper was part of the most recent Verzuz battle, heading up against DMX. You can read all about that here.