It’s been a rough 24 hours for Shameik Moore. The Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse star, like millions of others, has shared his opinion about the protests that have erupted following the police-involved murder of George Floyd. Shameik Moore took to Twitter to share a few thoughts about how the black community should respond to police officers and racism. His words weren’t received well, and Moore has continued to become the target of critics.

Shameik Moore
Emma McIntyre / Staff / Getty Images

“See I have a very strong opinion that the black community hates to hear.. but needs to hear… we need to learn how to deal with police…and or racism…because THIS is the part of the scenario we have failed to fix,” Shameik Moore tweeted. “We have to work on our community before blaming everything on ‘racist’ and police. 1… there is STILL black on black violence that needs to be addressed…and 2.. if we KNOW that the wrong white person could change our whole life with a false accusation… WHY DO WE GIVE THEM THE ENERGY THEY WANT? Give them an inch they WILL take a mile….. We literally know this already. At what point do we look at ourselves and make adjustments?”

Later, Moore apologized for the abrasiveness of his remarks, and he hopped don Instagram Live to discuss further. There, he spoke about Rosa Parks sitting at the front of the bus instead of the back, adding there were plenty of black owned bus and cab companies that could have been utilized. Check it all out below along with a few reactions.