Roc Climber Boots by Rocawear

Roc Climber Boots are the latest product to be displayed and promoted by Rocawear. These are also the newest rivals to Timberland’s Boots. The Roc Climber Boots have been long awaited and they do not even compare with the reviews because they are just that much better. Currently there are two versions of the Rocawear Roc Climber Boots that are available with more expected on the way.

The two versions that have been released are the Black Roc Climber boots and the Tan Roc Climber boots. Despite their color they both possess the same features in this classic Roc Climber Boot. They both consist of genuine leather materials, microfiber lining mixed with mesh lining for ultimate comfort and breathability for your feet making them excellent boots to work with, Upper TPR with a polished outsole, a padded collar for ultimate, relaxing comfort for your feet and an extra comfort cushioning for the insole which is also removable. You will notice that the only shoes with an upper TPR polished outsole are shoes of the finest design as this technique was developed in Italy. The Rocawear Boots also come with two pairs of Rocawear shoe laces.

The Rocawear Roc Climber boots, which are only available in men’s sizes, come in sizes 8 through size 13 so that every man can wear his Roc Climber Boot gear. They are sold for about $120 which is an excellent price for the utmost comfort in a boot and for the excellent material and workmanship that has been used on the Roc Climber Boot.

You should be aware that they are predicting a record breaking sell out period for the Roc Climber Boots. This means that you should order your Roc Climber Boots today. These are also only limited edition boots so there is a chance that you might be the only one to get your hands on a pair of these before they are sold out and taken off of the market. Rocawear wants the shoe to stand in a class of its own so you will notice that the brand name is not all over the boot because it wants people to be intrigued by the Boots appearance and not necessarily by the brand name Rocawear.

These boots were made especially to fit the hip hop style as they have done so excellently for Jay-Z. They represent the artist and the lifestyle. These are a great addition to Rocawear’s Men’s Collection and the Roc Climber Boots add the final touch to your Rocawear apparel.

Source by Jeremy Welsh

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