Masks have caused hellfire controversy for those who have taken stances against wearing face coverings during a pandemic, but for celebrities, it has offered a bit of relief. Famous people have difficulty navigating their day-to-day lives as they move about their prospective cities, but for some, having the ability to wear a mask over half of their face provides a way for them to go unnoticed in the crowd. Rihanna was able to capitalize off of this recently after she and a few of her friends recorded themselves having the time of their lives at Venice Beach.

Rihanna, Fenty, Venice Beach, Masks
Dimitrios Kambouris / Staff / Getty Images

The popular California destination is often swimming with people of all ages as they enjoy the sand, the surf, and the boardwalk. It’s a space that wouldn’t be attractive to a famous figure who wanted to enjoy some me-time with their loved ones, but Rihanna slapped on a mask and danced around some of the most crowded spots in the area.

Ri deserved a bit of rest and relaxation considering she has been putting in extra work with all of her Fenty brands and, if fans have their way, the singer will hopefully answer the anticipation of her forthcoming album with news about its development. As we wait on that, check out a clips of Rihanna and Co. enjoying the California sun on a Spring afternoon.