Review of the Yamaha EX-200 Keyboard and the Akai LPK25 Miniature Synthesizer

There are several keyboard types in the market so searching for a keyboard as a gift will not be a difficult endeavor.  Among the numerous choices in keyboards and synthesizers are a Yamaha EZ200 keyboard and an Akai LOPK25 miniature synthesizer.

In a Akai LPK25 review, many consumers recorded positive comments on its performance. The mini synthesizer is the ideal “on the go” companion for the portable studio of the amateur or the professional musician. This little synthesizer weighs less than one pound, has a resourceful mini keyboard, and is durable and ultraportable. It is only 13 inches across making it small enough to pack in a laptop bag alongside a laptop computer.  

Reviews of the Akai LPK25 have information about its arpeggiator which automatically makes chord transitions so melodies are easily created. The system also features four memory banks that are programmable. No driver software or power source is required to use the keyboard; it uses a USB that plugs into a laptop. The mini synthesizer includes a software editor for a PC or a MAC if buyers do not have one on their computers.

While the Akai mini synthesizer offers a compact efficiency that provides leeway for composing music for amateur and professional musicians; the Yamaha EZ200 keyboard has a full sized keyboard that provides more capabilities for learning and perhaps a higher comfort level of ease for beginners.  The EZ200 keyboard parameters are designed specifically for beginners of keyboards. Its keyboard, featuring a 61-key lighted touch, is a built-in learning system that uses the Yamaha Education Suite.  Beginners learn timing, how to listen, progress monitoring, and how to place their hands properly on the keyboard while playing. There is also a chord dictionary to use as reference.

The Yamaha has a metronome built in, 367 voice options, stereo and reverb sound as well as grand piano sound, a DVD instructional, PC connectivity, accessories and much more.  This keyboard package is one of the best choices on the market in starter keyboards for getting the most value for the dollar. Individuals are able to purchase the Yamaha EZ200 keyboard package at an excellent low price that will save money and not damage the spending budget.

Source by Fred T Cosby

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