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Rappers Have Been Honoring MF DOOM with Tribute Freestyles & Covers



Photo Credit: Jim Dyson/Redferns

In the wake of the untimely passing of MF DOOM, rappers have begun sharing their audio tributes to the masked villain.

On New Year’s Eve, the hip-hop community was shattered by the sudden news of the death of the legendary MF DOOM. The late rapper’s wife, Jasmine, announced that DOOM died on October 31st, 2020. Since receiving the news, tributes have poured in from fans to rappers who worked with the masked villain himself.

What’s been really inspiring is seeing rappers do their own mini DOOM tributes. These tributes have been a mix of rappers doing freestyles where they imitate DOOM’s whimsical style and covers of some the legendary rapper’s most iconic songs.

From Yasiin Bey to Open Mike Eagle, here are how rappers are honoring the great MF DOOM.

Yasiin Bey

Yasiin Bey posted a video covering DOOM’s “All Caps” from 2014.

Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco recorded a DOOM-inspired freestyle for Twitter.

“I learned so much from you about the art of rapping,” Lupe wrote, “and analyzed you for years as recently as a few days ago. I wish I could’ve met you to tell you that.”

Open Mike Eagle

Open Mike Eagle, who recorded two tracks with DOOM, shared a special freestyle in honor of the super villain. In the track, he reminisces on a framed picture of DOOM he has hanging in his living room. Through the course of the freestyle, Mike realizes the art actually features an imposter DOOM.


Joseph Chilliams

Chicago rapper Joseph Chilliams dropped his own freestyle, rapping “raised by DOOM every day I ate MM..FOOD.”

Michael Christmas 

Inspired by Open Mike Eagle and Chilliams, Boston rapper Michael Christmas dropped his own freestyle, adding that DOOM was the “greatest of all time.”



Heems added his own freestyle on Instagram, rapping while showcasing a photo of DOOM.

Stretch and Bobbito

While this is not a freestyle, would be remiss to not mention that Stretch and Bobbito shared a really cool throwback. It’s a rip of DOOM’s 1997 return to the iconic show as a solo artist. Stay tuned for more rare content from the two.


Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman

On Friday, Aesop Rock and Homeboy Sandman (who rap together under the stage name Lice) came together to drop “Ask Anyone,” a tribute over the “Datura Stramonium” instrumental. The track originally appears on MF DOOM’s Special Herbs 9 & 0.

Rappers, keep your MF DOOM tributes coming!

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NEW ALBUM: Majid Jordan – “Wildest Dreams”



Majid Jordan Wildest Dreams album streamOVO duo Majid Jordan have released their new studio album Wildest Dreams. The project contains 11 songs and features from Drake, Swae Lee and Diddy.

Listen to the full album below:

The post NEW ALBUM: Majid Jordan – “Wildest Dreams” appeared first on Fresh: Hip-Hop & R&B.

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Saweetie Clears Up Rumors She’s Dating Roddy Ricch



Y’all are so stressful.


Source: twoeyephotos/MEGA / WENN

Friday Saweetie stepped out to enjoy some sports. Specifically, the Los Angeles Lakers game against the Phoenix Suns. Sharp eyed fans spotted the Bay Area beauty sitting beside none other than rapper Roddy Ricch and folks were off to the races speculating the pair might be dating.

Y’all… There are only so many prime seats in the arena. Celebs coincidentally end up sitting next to one another all the time, right?!

People were quick to assume otherwise though if these tweets are any indication.

It didn’t take long for Saweetie to address the speculation. She took to Twitter Saturday night saying, “So avoid sitting next to men in public places otherwise the world assumes y’all are dating … got it.”

Well there goes that. We want to see our Icy Girl happy and being loved on so we don’t blame folks for being ready for her to start exploring her options.

Fans will recall Saweetie dated Quavo for two years before going solo from the Migos rapper in March 2021.

Okay so maybe there’s no Westside connection with Roddy Ricch, but who do you think could be a good match for Saweetie?

We’d love to see her dating an A-list actor or maybe a millionaire entrepreneur!

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Liza Rios Sets The Record Straight On Fat Joe Giving Her $1M!!!



The wife of the late legendary rapper Christopher”Big Pun”Big” Rios spoke out. Liza Rios and her attorney Lita Rosario-Richardson Esq spoke with hosts O’God and SamAnt. During the interview, Liza gave her perspective on the situation involving Joseph”Fat Joe” Cartagena and Big Pun. Liza’s attorney cleared up the rumors that have lingered for more than a decade. Especially, as it relates to the alleged $1 million dollars.

Will Liza Ever Recover Pun’s Music Rights?

Some people were wondering what really happened between Big Pun and Fat Joe. And, throughout the years we have been given different accounts. There is Rios’s account, and there is Fat Joe’s. I was always told, that the truth lies in the middle. With that being said, Rios shared she never accused Cartagena(Fat Joe) of stealing any money. But Liza mentioned in the interview that the alleged $1 million Cartagena gave her never happened. In fact, Rios admits she asked Cartagena to provide receipts. And, he never did.

It does appear that something went on back then between Rios and Cartagena that was problematic. Especially, since Rios (Big Pun) did not get royalties for songs. And, Rios (Big Pun’s wife) is fighting so that her husband can be paid what she believes he is owed. According to Rios attorney Rosario-Richardson, they are working to get Rios Masters. Of course, the process of a music artist owning their masters is very complex. Rios is a woman on a mission to protect her husband’s legacy as well as his ownership. Who could blame Rios for advocating for her children’s legacy? Hopefully, Rios will be successful.

liz n fat joe

Check out the video above for more details.

For more Hip Hop Entertainment check out Hip Hop News Uncensored. It’s the best Hip Hop YouTube channel.


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