Throughout this past week, NBA players have been heading back to the court for some scrimmages prior to the official return of the season on July 30th. These scrimmages are supposed to help the players get back into shape and for now, it is clear that plenty of stars are still shaking off the rust. Admittedly, there is no shame in this when you consider how the league was on a four-month hiatus due to the Coronavirus.

Many of these scrimmages are being broadcast on Live TV, with not a single fan in sight. This is a fact many will have to come to grips with throughout the next few months as no fans will be allowed within the Orlando bubble. However, Quavo of Migos doesn’t seem to be a big fan of this. Today, he took to Twitter and said “NBA games Are Not The Same To Watch Without fans!!! FANS ARE IMPORTANT!”

This is a sentiment many have expressed over the last few days, although for now, nothing can be done about it. The Coronavirus is a massive public health crisis, and the league can’t risk players and fans by having more people in the arena than necessary.

Our new reality is going to take some getting used to, but hopefully, we can get fans back in the building sooner rather than later.