Pioneer HJD 2000 Professional Headphones For DJs

The Pioneer HDJ 2000 Headsets are loaded with capabilities which make them perfect for use among the most professional of DJs in any live sound environment. These headphones promise exceptional response for the bass and treble end; this enables clearly catching dance music beats, as a DJ learns to expect out of his headphones. A simple Mono/Stereo switch located on the side of the headphones allows for complete control even during single ear monitoring. The HDJ 2000 Headphones also are perfect in a studio environment, where the integrated voice coil and also thick diaphragm make sure that even as the bass and also treble happen to be accentuated, mid-range is not sacrificed.

Of course, the primary purpose of the set of headphones is usually a DJ setting and thus a few of its more specifically engineered features could very well be lost in the studio. But they are adjustable sufficiently to support music production and will be useful for those who inhabit both environments.

The Pioneer HDJ 2000 Headphones have an advanced and clean design which easily folds up so that it can be compact sufficiently to transport anywhere plus, they are tough enough to resist the bumps and also scratches a DJ might possibly experience. The headset is manufactured almost entirely of a durable magnesium blend. Their robust metal build will certainly pay off in crowded spaces where it will keep the delicate components of the headset properly protected. They are connected by using a mini XLR cable so that the cable doesn’t suffer from the wear and tear that normally occurs with screw-in jacks. This also means that if the cable breaks, it can be conveniently replaced without having to purchase a new headset. The foldable hinges and provided carry pouch makes the Pioneer HDJ 2000 Headphones conveniently compact and portable. The headphones are cushioned by Pioneer’s sound insulating material so that your music is always crystal clear, even in very noisy environment. Another cool thing is, once you find the perfect fit, you only need to click the headset into place for and lock it. You will have a comfortable wear for hours.

The price for the Pioneer HDJ 2000 Headphones is around $250, which puts them within the high-priced side of headphones. But if you are seriously interested in getting professional sound and need a high quality set of rugged headphones, this may just be the best choice for you. The Pioneer HDJ 2000 Headphones are a pair that will last and also eliminate the need to constantly replace a less expensive pair again and again.

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