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“One And Only Dick Gregory” Documentary Aired On Showtime.



One And Only Dick Gregory Documentary Aired On Showtime. Christian Gregory and director Andre Gaines worked as producers.

Christian Gregory Showcases his Fathers legacy

Dick Gregory was one of the greatest voices of our time. So, it is befitting to honor him. This documentary has presented different perspectives of Dick Gregory’s life.

Within his lifetime, Dick Gregory accomplished more than most. According to Los Angeles Times TV critic Robert Lloyd,

“the story of a man not easy to categorize, for whom the condition and future of his people, and of all people, meant more than his own comfort, fortune and, at times, family. (He was away a lot, saving the world.)

And, I am sure those who knew Dick Gregory would agree. However, Dick Gregory was a complex man. There were too many facets in his life to mention in one documentary.

"One And Only Dick Gregory" Documentary Aired On Showtime

His son Christian was able to convey that when he spoke during the interview. Also, Christian spoke highly and honorably about his father.

In addition, Christian mentioned he was completely involved in every aspect of the documentary. In my opinion, this was very informative.

Not a lot of people in this generation know about Dick Gregory. But I learned about Dick Gregory’s comedy.

In fact, Dick Gregory and Bill Cosby were both huge entertainers when I was growing up. Both were college athletes, comedians, and activists.

Although Bill’s career went in a different direction, both maintained a place in our community.

He left his career in comedy to focus on empowering black people. Dick Gregory was fully committed to the cause. As a result, Dick Gregory was able to purchase the consciousness of the people.

Especially, those who wanted fair treatment and equal rights for blacks. For this reason, Dick Gregory was carefully watched by the FBI.

Some would admit that Dick Gregory was always in pursuit of righteousness. Even today, Dick’s voice is relevant and truly needed.

Because we are still faced with inequality, unfair treatment, police brutality, inhuman poverty. The interview with Christian should be on your to-do- list.

More importantly, we should all watch Dick Gregory’s documentary.


"One And Only Dick Gregory" Documentary Aired On Showtime

Check out the video above for more details.

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NEW VIDEO: Moneybagg Yo feat. Lil Durk & EST Gee – “Switches & Dracs”



Moneybagg Yo Lil Durk EST Gee Switches & Dracs videoTo celebrate the release of his A Gangsta’s Pain: Reloaded project, Moneybagg Yo has premiered the official video for the song “Switches & Dracs” featuring Lil Durk and EST Gee.

Watch the visuals below:

The post NEW VIDEO: Moneybagg Yo feat. Lil Durk & EST Gee – “Switches & Dracs” appeared first on Fresh: Hip-Hop & R&B.

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Scorpio Season: Check Out This List Of XX Hip-Hop Scorpios | The Latest Hip-Hop News, Music and Media



HipHopWired Featured Video


A Big Black Scorpion In The Forest

Source: Wr Wrrn Kheluxn Phechr / EyeEm / Getty

Today is October 23 and as many of you have already heard, it’s the first day of Scorpio season. Considering the pride among the people born under this astrological sign, Hip-Hop Wired thought it fitting to list out these XXX Hip-Hop Scorpios.

Many of these names will be familiar as a certain Canadian superstar named his album after his astrological sign. A hitmaker from St. Louis also is part of this hallowed group, and New York’s number one “Bad Boy” is also a part of the Scorpio massive. A couple of struggle rappers are also Scorpios, but we won’t be listing them for all the reasons you can imagine.

Check out our list below.

Photo: Getty

1. Prodigy of Mobb Deep

Rest in peace to Bandana P, Banana Clip P.

B-Day: November 2, 1974

2. Big Pun

Thinkin’ that you Satan when I’m the rhymin’ abomination!

B-Day:  November 10, 1971

3. Scarface

Brother Mob!

B-Day: November 9, 1970

4. Sean “Diddy” Combs AKA LOVE

The original Bad Boy.

B-Day: November 4, 1969

5. Drake

October’s Very Own.

B-day: October 24, 1986

6. Nelly

The hit-making St. Lunatic himself.

B-day: November 2, 1974

7. Eve

From Philly to across the Pond.

B-Day: November 10, 1978

8. Ol’ Dirty Bastard

Rest In PEACE to the God, Ason Unique!

Born-Day: November 15, 1968

9. E-40

The master of slang is still, ahem, slangin’ but it’s all legal.


10. Rev Run

The Run-D.M.C. legend is still out here living his best life.

B-Day: November 14, 1964

11. Fabolous

One of Brooklyn’s finest.

B-Day: November 18, 1977

12. Warren G


B-Day: November 10, 1970

13. Future

Salute to the Freebandz honcho!

B-day: November 20, 1983

14. ScHoolboy Q

The Real Puff Daddy!

B-day: October 26, 1986

15. Tech N9ne

One of the best live performers in the game.

B-Day: November 8, 1971

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Columbian Rapper Puts Black Women on Leashes



After backlash over its portrayal of Black women, J Balvin’s music video for “Perra” disappeared from YouTube.

The music video for J Balvin featuring Tokischa called “Perra” is receiving criticism from feminists who claim it perpetuates “misogynoir” by showing the Colombian singer, 36, walking with two Black women on leashes and posing inside a dog house. There are lyrics in the song about dogs in heat.

A Columbian Chooses Black Women Specifically to Wear Dog Leashes in His Music Video

Misogyny and the word noir are combined here to form the word misogynoir, a word that connotes the specific denigrating treatment affecting only people who are both black and female.

Youtube removes the Video for J. Balvin’s  Number 1. Song

He debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Top Latin Albums chart for the fourth time with José, from his latest album. Raymi Paulus directed the music video.

According to the Los Angeles Times and Billboard, the video for “Perra” was removed from Balvin’s official YouTube channel over the weekend without explanation. There is still an audio-only version of the track available to stream on the platform. YouTube may have taken down the video or Balvin’s team may have done so.

The Only Women walked on All four’s by Dog Leashes in the Music Video Were Black: Racially Motivated?

People reached out to YouTube for comments, but no one responded immediately. Neither Balvin nor YouTube responded.

Marta Lucia Ramirez, Colombia’s Vice President, said in an open letter (translated to English) that the song “Perra” contains “direct and openly sexist, racist, machista and misogynistic expressions that violate the rights of women, comparing them to an animal that must be dominated and mistreated,” as reported by Billboard.

Is This an Imitation of Snoop Dogg?

These images are reminiscent of Snopp Doggy Dogg walking black women down an award’s show’s red carpet on leashes. With the word dog in his name, his entire persona seems to justify this considering his name and image is that of a dog as opposed to J Balvin who’s the depiction of black women is evidently more of a reach than that of Snoop Doggy Dogg, a black man who calls himself a dog, depicts himself as a dog, thus referring to his female counterparts as dogs.


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