On the Delicate Subject of Suicide – Consider the Source of Changing Feelings

When you convince someone that they can not disappear something, you stick them with it. Convince them they can not be thin or taller or quick witted, but do not convince them on the delicate subject that they can not alter the emotional state giving them their suicidal considerations.

We are vibrational beings living in a vibrational universe. Now this may be beyond most of the reader’s willingness to comprehend, but it is necessary to know that you, your physical apparatus is reading and interpreting the environment, including your thoughts. It sends signals to the brain which in turn produces in the order of one hundred thousand chemical and sending them to the cells of the body. From a scientific point of view this evidence is clear. We sense all frequencies to interpret the reality all around us. This is occurring whether you understand it or not.

Everything in our experience, everything in the appearance everywhere is energy first. Just as fireworks sparkle against the background of the night sky, it would not occur without the energy that was first there to produce the dazzling array of colorful residue. All thought is given by the dominant feelings and emotions present in our experience. We can not change a thought, it is always too late. But we can alter the thought patterns to come by altering the feelings and emotions which precede them.

Just as you can not have hateful thoughts about someone you are at the same time experiencing a deep love and affection for, you are unlikely to be experiencing suicidal feelings at the same time you are experiencing the feelings associated with your highest feelings about yourself.

You sever one’s power by adding to the child’s belief that they have no influence over changing how they feel. That something outside of them is responsible for their happiness. Every addiction and there are hundreds, presume to the individual that the source of their feeling better is supplied by the temporary fix given by the addiction, whether it be drugs, alcohol, sex, porn, smoking or stealing. As long as you maintain the habitual practice, your body will produce the chemicals necessary to produce the feelings you are having.

If you feel depressed, powerless, hopeless and helpless to reach for better feeling thoughts simply give yourself permission to do that later. See yourself taking the time to do it when you are ready. Trust your higher self to manage you through this period.

Relief is the feeling of space, of freedom, of release from an unwanted persisting experience. You can actually feel the relief like in a sigh of knowing it is all okay. If you can look for any thought that gives you a bit of pleasure, reach for it. The law of attraction clearly shows that what you give your attention to attracts more of the same. Focus on the feelings you want and let go of giving attention to the feelings and thoughts you do not.

Your divine self knows you as perfect and that you are feeling down simply indicates how much you are willing to have. Had you no great desires you felt blocked from experiencing you would not feel as you do. Your underlying beliefs and assumptions are not real; they can not choose how you feel. Only you have the power to choose the direction of the feelings you wish to experience.

No one would ever suggest that there are events that can occur in ones life, such as the death of a loved one or loss of ones long developed character or physical pain one seems destined to endure. That surely will influence greatly a person’s will to go on living. This article is meant for the far larger segment, it caught my attention when I learned that there are over 50 million people in the United States alone on some sort of antidepressant. That is an enormous number of people for whom a small tweak in their understanding of where feelings come, could make a difference. Though this article may reach but only a tiny fraction of this population perhaps it will reach those looking for a solution which is self generated.

The willingness to reach for a better feeling about whatever reality dominates your attention, is the only real requirement. Now it might be that you feel as though you are not. Ask yourself if you are willing to be willing to feel better.

What’s important is to not allow an unwanted condition to develop to a degree where extreme measures are necessary. It is my hope that one day children will learn about emotions and how they play a major role in successful living long before they leave elementary school and not after they have suffered the damage of being labeled suicidal. No child should be labeled that of course and that would be the topic of a future conversation.

There are thousands of people who have been down to their last breath of suicidal moments whose lives seemed clearly to serve no purpose, yet they were able to recognize the far opposite end of that emotional scale only to go on to live happy, prosperous and joyful lives. When I was a young man, I lost the then love of my life and surely thought there was no reason to go on. I have enjoyed an abundance of wonderful experiences in life since. But it didn’t look possible back then.

My recommendation would be to learn more about the law of attraction. It will open up areas of thought you never before realized were occurring in your life and you will find empowerment. Search the internet for more or search me on Amazon.

Source by Leon Cautillo

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