O.T. Genasis Checks “No Jumper” Host After He Feels Disrespected: “Don’t Play With Me”

A friendly interview went south after O.T. Genasis felt disrespected while on No Jumper. The rapper seemed to be having a great time with hosts AD and Yassy, who happened to be joined by Yassy’s best friend, and he admitted to being a little tipsy. There were laughs through the Long Beach rapper’s slurred speech but things took a turn when Yassy jokingly referred to him as “baby boy.” He told her not to call him that because he “sold too much,” and she responded by letting him know that she “doesn’t care about that.”

O.T. went on to tell the ladies that they have a “superstar” sitting in front of them and said that the reason why people like him is because “when it comes to music... I never miss.” He added that he would come out on top if they were battling music wise, to which Yassy sardonically responded, “You would be in dirt if this was a media game.” While things seemed playful, Genasis was no longer joking.

Things escalated when he began asking her what she does for a living and she told him that she “writes stories.” She tossed attitude his way and questioned his media credentials, but instead of answering, he started asking her about the name brands of her clothing items. “Let me tell you something, I’m on a Whole ‘notha level… This not junior high school. I’m in the big leagues.”

“I’m really rich. I’m not your rich,” he said while pointing in her face. “Or what you look at as rich. I’m really rich. I’m in the big leagues. Don’t play yourself. Not for no clout. Have you [ever] in your life seen a n*gga disrespect me? Have you? Have you seen a man disrespect me? Don’t play with me… At the end of the day Yassy, you don’t want it to be some cool sh*t that we laughin’ and when I leave somebody’s on your ass.”

Through his tirade, Yassy agreed with him, but he still had a point to make. “So, with the fact that you guys be very, very, very serious, I’m not gonna take it serious because I know what you guys are not used to or not immune to,” said the rapper. “You guys don’t want to be people that when I leave here tonight… You don’t want nobody following y’all home. Right?.. I’m not threatening you, I’m asking you.”

He explained that he was trying to be cool and friendly with them but they took “offense to that and take it somewhere else.” Genasis added, “I also have women that’s homies of mine that come from the neighborhood that I come from that don’t mind.” Yassy’s friend took a more serious tone as Yassy continued to give sarcastic interruptions that O.T. didn’t seem to pick up on.

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“If we joking, we’re laughing, we’re having a good time, stop taking everything so personal. It’s not personal,” he told the ladies. Genasis then said that he’s sure both women have a man that they could call who would come to their defense, but “by the time they get here, they’ll get splashed. Right outside of here… Y’all did it first.” 

They were able to pull things together and end on a semi-friendly note. Watch the full clip below or jump to the 11-minute mark to see where things get spicy.


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