Nick Blixky Was Full Of Potential On “Jatty”

Nick Blixky, one of the most talented artists in the Brooklyn drill scene, never got to see the release of his debut mixtape Different Timin’.

The 21-year-old rapper was tragically gunned down a month ahead of the tape’s release date and New York mourned the loss of yet another young artist with so much unrealized potential. 

Nick showed a keen understanding of song structure that hinted at future crossover potential, with a more celebratory and lighthearted take on drill music than his peers in the scene. 

His song “Drive the Boat” with close affiliates 22Gz and Nas Blixky was a bonafide hometown hit, perfectly blending the UK and Brooklyn drill variants, sounding at times like an American Unknown T. 

He reunites with “Drive the Boat” producer Argo for “Jatty,” a Different Timin‘ standout that showcased Nick’s penchant for crafting drill bangers that both the ladies and the hitters can vibe to.

Check out the video for “Jatty” below and share your opinion in the comments below.


Quotable Lyrics

Waste no time
She got a lil jatty, come shake it on me
40 Glocks, nines
Gotta stay strapped, gotta keep it on me
Baddies, in line
Too many b*tches tryna shake it on me
I don’t mind
Bands in my pocket, can’t take it from me


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