New Music: Buckwild Ft. Little Brother “Ease Up”

Buck the fuck up.

D.I.T.C.’s legendary producer Buckwild chills out on his new single featuring Little Brother.

Covered by Buckwild’s soulful groove, North Carolina’s lyrical duo Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh both bring their nostalgic lyrics and flow to their stand out collaboration.

Buckwild tells Complex, “I’ve always been a fan of LB since my boy put me up on to, The Listening. And The Minstrel Show sealed it for me,” Buckwild said via email. “I always felt they were cut from the same tree as De La and Tribe. Dope lyrics without being street. They always kept it true, and had their own lane to be great without following predecessors like Jay, Nas, or X. For ‘Ease Up’ we take it back to the park jam vibes perfect for the summer. Dope beats and rhymes that keeps the head noddin’. This is the true essence right here.”

The track is featured on Buckwild’s upcoming compilation Fully Loaded, dropping Friday, July 3.

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