Congress has been under pressure to provide relief to the American people during a pandemic. While the complications of passing another stimulus package are immense, nobody thought it would be damn near impossible. Yet as Democrats and Republicans argued for months (while enjoying their cushy salaries), things stalled and Congress was forced to pass a teaser $600 stimulus check until they can figure out a bigger package. The minuscule amount of money will go to help millions of Americans pay bills and possibly pay off Christmas debts, but it is not enough of a relief when the government has forced so many businesses to shut down. 

A group of angry protesters took their rage to the house of Nancy Pelosi. The politician’s home was reportedly vandalized on Thursday evening, heading into the new year. The San Francisco home was spray-painted on the garage door, where the words “Cancel Rent!” and “We Want Everything” were etched in black. There is also a nod to the proposed $2,000 stimulus checks spray-painted on the garage. Laying at the door is a pig’s head surrounded by fake blood drizzled across the driveway. Law enforcement responded to calls at roughly 3:00 AM, but there are no suspects at the moment.