Money Man Drops Off His New Record “Amazon”

From his short stint with Cash Money to buying out his contract and going the independent route, it’s hard to say that Money Man doesn’t live up to his name. Working on his own accord, he’s continued to dish out music at a rapid pace, be it a demo track he recorded that morning or collaboration with a major label artist. Either way, he doesn’t waste time unloading new music for fans to ride out to.

Just days after unleashing the remix to “24” ft. Lil Baby, Money Man returns with his latest track, “Amazon.” Detailing the life of luxury he afforded himself through his boss mentality, Money Man serves up a muddy banger for the go-getters and hustlers.

Check out Money Man’s new track, “Amazon” below.

Quotable Lyrics
Invest in the future, make millions off Amazon
RIP Nip, I be burnin’ on Marathon
Natural high, I do not have to medicate
Me and my glock got a bond, we don’t separate

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