Milwaukee Bucks Sterling Brown settles lawsuit against cops for $750,000

F**k 12.

Brooklyn Nets v Milwaukee Bucks

Source: Quinn Harris / Getty

Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown has finally resolved his lawsuit with the Milwaukee Police Department. According to ESPN, the city will cut Brown a check for $750,000 after officers violated his civil rights almost three years ago during a late-night incident.

On Jan. 26, 2018, police tasered Brown outside a local Walgreens after being targeted for being Black according to the legal filing. Brown had his hands in his pockets while the bacon boys wrote him a citation and when he didn’t remove them fast enough for the cops’ liking, he was attacked.

Body cam footage showed one of the officers stepping on his ankle, potentially endangering his career, while also mocking the idea of a civil rights complaint being filed against him. Surprise, b!t¢h, now cut the check!

Although he did want the city to be punished for their actions, money was not Sterling’s major motive:

In addition to money, Brown wants the settlement to include a joint statement from the City of Milwaukee that contains an admission of a constitutional violation and a commitment to incorporate changes to the Milwaukee Police Department Standard Operating Procedures, which must be implemented within 180 days of the agreement.

It will be interesting to see if and when the department releases this admission of wrongdoing. We’ll be waiting…

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