MF Doom Dead At 49

R.I.P. MF Doom.

MF Doom, the mysterious underground rapper unexpectedly passed away recently at the age of 49. Not cause of death has been revealed.

The late rapper’s wife Jasmine broke the tragic news with a heartfelt tribute on Thursday (Dec. 31) and revealed that her husband transitioned back on October 31.

Born Daniel Dumile, the Long Island-based rapper began his career in the late ’80s as Zev Lov X, a member of the trio K.M.D alongside his brother DJ Subroc. Following Subroc’s passing in 1993, Daniel went AWOL before emerging as MF Doom.

MF Doom is most known as the elusive rapper who donned a metal mask inspired by Marvel Comics villain Dr. Doom. In 1999, he released his standout solo debut Operation: Doomsday, which soon spawned countless of classic projects both solo and collaborative in the past two decades. R.I.P.

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