The dissolution of their friendship was played out dramatically on social media stages, but Megan Thee Stallion’s former best friend Kelsey Nicole still can’t shake rumors that she is financially tied to Tory Lanez. As many of us may recall, the shooting incident involving Megan and Tory was also witnessed by Kelsey. Megan has named Tory as her shooter while Lanez has denied he is responsible for her injuries. All the while, Kelsey hasn’t given her side of the story, but she did release a diss track aimed at Megan where she claimed the rapper wasn’t telling the full truth.

Megan has suggested that Kelsey received some sort of payment or compensation from Lanez in exchange for her silence—an accusation that Kelsey has stated isn’t true. Still, Kelsey can’t seem to rid herself of the allegations and strangers continue to revive the claim. On Twitter, Kelsey wrote that she “catching vibes” in Jamaica, to which a user responded, “On Torey Lying Lanez money… ICAN’t wait until God reveal you guys.”

She could have just ignored the jab, but Kelsey replied, “[And] he will punish those that created that false narrative [kiss emoji].” Kelsey has stated that she will share her story in due time, but as Megan and Tory’s fans wait, the case against Lanez moves forward. He has pleaded not guilty to federal assault charges.