On Monday (July 13), Tory Lanez was arrested on felony concealed weapons charges while in the presence of hip-hop’s upcoming princess Megan Thee Stallion. According to reports obtained by TMZ, the authorities were contacted due to an altercation taking place in front of a Hollywood Hills at approximately 4:30 A.M. on Sunday morning. Witnesses present claim that patrons were arguing inside of an SUV before several rounds were discharged from a firearm into the air. The vehicle fled the scene upon the shots being fired. Hours later, Tory Lanez was arrested on a felony concealed weapon in a vehicle charge while Megan Thee Stallion who was also on the scene was listed as a “victim” in the police report. Megan Thee Stallion Rushed To Hospital After Tory Lanez Arrest Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

However, it has now come to light that the “Girls In The Hood” rapper sustained an injury during the incident. According to an update from TheShadeRoom, the artist also known as Tina Snow reportedly received a critical laceration to her foot from the broken glass of a car window that was located at the original scene of the altercation. Fortunately, Megan was immediately rushed to a local Los Angeles hospital where she was able to tend to her injuries and be safely discharged from the facility. 

With both artists becoming closer in recent months and working on music together, an artistic union between the two could possibly propel them to even further heights. Especially with Tory Lanez recently receiving creative control of all of his future due to his new-found independence. However, the culture doesn’t want to see this talented duo making headlines for all the wrong reasons. 

Check out Tory Lanez, Kylie Jenner, and more turn up on Megan Thee Stallion’s Instagram Live this past weekend in the video provided below.