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Meet Lil G, One of Chicago’s Fast Rising Hip-Hop artist




Meet Lil G, One of Chicago’s Fast Rising Hip-Hop artist

Lil G is 16 year old young man (Son of da real guy) has come from poverty, lost his father to the system, Learning life lessons throughout the streets of chicago, going through the pain of the chicago streets, came up playing basketball and pushing his music career and still in school remaining focus. Lil G is from the lowend of Chicago. Lil G has Grandma’s, Cousins, Etc Are still on section 8 and still taking government assistances and he wants to change the product of his environment. Also building Taliban Music Clothing Line Documentaries.

Lil G’s vocal skills are quite impressive. His cadence, flow and lyrics are often well received by fans. Over the years, Lil G has been able to grow his talents, creating a name for himself that’s synonymous with his brand. Not only is he taking the hip-hop world by storm, but he is also breaking barriers.

With a focus on classic rap, his momentum to be the best at what he does propels him forward, making Lil G a likeable name among fans worldwide. Through his international recognition, he has been able to build on old and current projects, with plans to release a number of new singles this summer.

Taliban Music is a record label that has up and coming artists , books, clothing lines, models, film makers, actors, and photographers. Taliban Music Started from the inside of incarceration to outside of incarceration of guys that want to change their life and turn their wrongs into right. It’s comes from the Mud and Trenches Of The streets of chicago.

To hear more from Meet Lil G and stay up-to-date on his latest projects, you can check him out at the following links:

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