Mascot Almada Trousers – A Product Review

This article is a review of Mascot Almada trousers looking at the design, fabrics, innovations and price comparison.

Mascot Workwear are a Danish brand who were established in 1982 with the mission statement to produce the best workwear money could buy.

Like a lot of brands Mascot have concentrated a significant amount of their efforts on their trouser range simply because it is the highest turner area and one of a few product/range which is not predominantly seasonally effected such as jackets for example.

Mascot Almada are the flag ship workwear trousers for the brand and are by far the biggest selling Mascot product.

Why is this the case?

Mascot Almada like all their trousers have great design pedigree by which I mean Mascot have examined at the ergonomics of trousers and how they best operate on a biomechanical level for the human body. The legs of the Mascot Almada are designed to move with the natural collateral and lateral movement of your legs as well as your natural walking gait which put simply means these trousers work with your body and never against it.

Mascot have lowered the Almada trousers waist to fit on the wearers hips rather than their mid-section (typically known as the waist) this is advantageous for movements like bending, stretching and kneeling all of which are part of a craftsman’s job description and for which the Mascot Almada were designed.

Along with advanced design the Mascot Almada are made from textiles and fabrics which are now common place however they were revolutionary when Mascot first started adding them to or making their products from them.

Cordura for example is 7 times stronger than cotton and twice as strong as nylon. Cordura is integrated in to the Mascot Almada knee pad pockets to enhance durability and strength on a known area of high stress, abrasion and potential weakness.

Another area of weakness is the crotch area of any trousers and has become the bane of many workers and craftsmen a like as this area is usually the first to fail rip or wear away.

The Mascot Almada like all their trousers boast triple stitching on the crotch, zippers and seams and what’s more Mascot Workwear guarantee these seams and zippers for 2 years meaning you can rely on them for years rather than months or even weeks like a great many workwear trousers.

The stitching is coated with a wax and is made from high tensile cotton which makes the whole garment very, very strong in fact there is a video demonstrating how strong. It has a pair of Mascot Almada trousers tied to two van bumpers and each is trying to pull the trousers apart and surprisingly they hold fast.

The workwear trousers are made from a fabric weave of 65% polyester and 35% heavy gauge cotton which forms hardwearing tough pair of trousers. 350gsm which is hefty but the quality and durability is in the weight.

As you can imagine I’m not talking about a cheap pair of workwear trousers however as far as workwear is concerned you really do get what you pay for.

That being said Mascot Almada trousers are not as expensive as you may think. The prices around the web vary but you can find them from official distributors for around £50 which may sound a lot however if you keep buying the cheaper option you will no doubt have to keep replacing them over and over before you decide to invest in a better pair, which is how you should view the Mascot Almada, as an investment.

I’ve personally worn these workwear trousers for several years now for everyday wear and they last much longer than other work jeans or trousers and therefore stretch out your budget.

Mascot Workwear even offer user trials for companies so essentially they can try before they buy. Mascot Almada trousers will more than hold their own against other workwear trousers and the proof is out there it’s just a question of showing the unaware consumers there are alternatives to their existing providers.

Source by Grant D Martin

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