The music world was filled with worry after the news was shared that Dr. Dre had suffered a brain aneurysm. The megaproducer made a quick recovery and after a brief stay in the hospital, Dre posted a photo to Instagram that showed he was back in the studio. Comedy icon Luenell recently discussed Dre’s health troubles and noted that not everyone was rooting for him to recover because of his longstanding allegations of domestic abuse.

“Now, one would say, does Dre get a pass for being such a notorious woman beater ’cause he makes good music? One would say,” Luenell told VladTV. “One would say that some people ain’t gonna be praying for Dr. Dre. A lot of women, but you can get a pass, it seems, if you’re popular. He a notorious woman beater. I love Dr. Dre’s music, don’t get it f*cked up, and I don’t want to see any of our icons die.”

“But, I don’t…we can’t…some of the charges his wife was making was even that he had been violent with her,” Luenell continued. “His track record sucks.” Vlad mentioned that he’d previously interviewed R&B icon Michel’le who shares a son with her former Aftermath fiancé. Over the years, Michel’le has insisted that Dre was physically abusive. Vlad and Luenell also brought up rapper Dee Barnes who was brutally attacked by the producer at a Hollywood party in 1991.

Luenell added that Dr. Dre’s alleged violence is a “character flaw that he just can’t—he might go years and not do it and then he might just go off.” Watch the clip below, including portions of Michel’le speaking about her alleged experiences.