Lil Baby is scorching hot these days but unfortunately for him, he’s finding his personal life spilling onto the Internet. Ayesha, the mother of his son, Jason, called him out on Twitter last week. She accused the rapper of failing to pay their son’s tuition which ultimately got him kicked out of school. Though many thought she made these allegations out of jealousy towards Jayda Cheaves, she said it wasn’t the case. Today, she accused Baby of putting her son’s health as risk by making them take an Uber instead of giving her money to repair her vehicle.

Once again, Baby cleared the air and assured his fans that he’s an active father in his kids lives. “My kids beyond well taken care of,” he tweeted before fans began hounding him. A fan brought up Ayesha’s claim that he didn’t pay his son’s tuition. 

“That’s cap ? People do anything for attention,” he responded. First of all my son isn’t in real school second of all I been paying tuition two years for my son to go to school half the time .. an that’s my point she didn’t rant about tuition but about a car.”

Baby went on to say that Ayesha is irresponsible, adding that she needed to get her act together.

“I bought her a Range Rover but she ain’t get it because she’s irresponsible .. she get her priories together the car is sittin in my garage waitin on her,” he said. Peep the tweets below.