When the NBA season was suspended back in March due to the Coronavirus, it was uncertain as to whether or not the NBA would have to cancel the season. In the end, the league was able to come back thanks to the bubble concept, however, many of the players were forced to stay at home for close to four months. While many tried to stay in shape, it’s almost impossible to be game ready if you’re not actually playing any basketball games.

LeBron James found this out the hard way last night after his Lakers knocked off the Los Angeles Clippers, 103-101. Following the game, LeBron immediately took to his Instagram story where he could be seen lying on the floor of the team’s locker room. As you can see, LeBron was in quite a bit of pain as he was simply exhausted from his first real game back. LeBron even noted that it was hard for him to get up and take a shower.

While perhaps some of this video contained exaggerated theatrics, it’s not surprising to see LeBron finding it difficult out there. Last night’s match came down to the wire and LeBron played upwards of 35 minutes. As the rest of the seeding games go on, we’re sure LeBron will find his fitness back to where it was in March.

Moving forward, numerous other players will most likely be feeling the same way.