As reported by BBC, a parked camper van exploded in Nashville, Tennessee, early on Christmas morning. The blast, which authorities believe to be intentional, injuring three people and knocked out crucial communications systems across multiple states. Police responded to reports of gunshots around 6 am EST, and were shocked to find a camper van broadcasting a warning message to get out of the area. Within minutes, the van exploded knocking the police back off their feet. Possible human remains were later found near the site of the explosion. 

Many nearby residents thought it was a bomb. The van blew up outside an AT&T building, leading to a loss of communication that also affected 911 lines across the entire state. Nashville International Airport flights were suspended after the blast, although they are running once more. Several buildings were damaged, trees were knocked over, and cars were destroyed in the blast. There are currently no suspects and police have no idea what the motive could have been. Some believe that the explosion was meant to knock out AT&T and the 911 lines, allowing another crime to take place almost unnoticed. Watch a video of the explosion below, where you can hear the van broadcasting a warning message before exploding. What do you think the motivation here was?