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Know the Fabrics to Make Smart Outdoor Clothing Choices



Dressing to survive in the outdoors starts with knowing what fabrics to wear. Different fabrics have radically different properties. Choosing the wrong type, or mixing clothing of different materials, can be disastrous!

You may not be able to tell what a garment is made of by looking. A nice, fuzzy, thick 100-percent cotton flannel shirt will be warm and cozy until it gets wet. Then that wet shirt may suck the heat out of your torso and cause hypothermia!

On the other side of the equation is wool. My hands-down favorite in the winter, wool, is generally a bad choice for a desert hike in August. Wool traps heat, and while it provides some UV protection, the material will prevent your body from cooling.

So, the buyer needs to beware.

Before buying any clothing item, read the labels and find out what the material is. Ignore fashion or what’s trendy (I know that’s hard – I have a 14-year-old daughter!), and make your purchase based on the activity and the clothing protection that will be needed.

Here are some common fabric choices:

* Cotton: Depending on where you live, cotton clothing can kill you. Cotton is hydrophilic, meaning it is no good at wicking wetness away from the skin, and can become damp just by being exposed to humidity.

Both of these 100% cotton garments would keep you warm until they got wet. Then, this clothing could become dangerous to wear!

Once wet, cotton feels cold and can lose up to 90 percent of its insulating properties. Wet cotton can wick heat from your body 25 times faster than when it’s dry.

Since I’ve spent a lot of time in the Deep South, my favorite hot weather shirt is a medium-weight, white, 100 percent cotton Navy surplus shirt. The shirt has a collar that can be pulled up to shade my neck, and pockets with flaps and buttons. Cotton also has a reasonable amount of UV protection.

On really hot days in a canoe, a cotton shirt can be soaked with water, and worn to cool you down. On a desert hike, help prevent heat stroke by using a few ounces of water to wet the shirt down. (The water can come from anywhere, including that algae-edged stock tank. The evaporation is what cools you!)

The same properties that make cotton a good choice for hot weather make it a killer in rain, snow and cold.

Typical urban casual garb is probably all cotton: sweat-socks, Hanes or Fruit of the Loom underwear, jeans, tee shirt, flannel shirt and sweatshirt. This outfit may keep you warm in town, but don’t wear it into the back country! Once the cotton gets wet, you could end up in trouble.

Don’t be mislead by the looks and camouflage patterns of 100 percent cotton hunting clothes. These garments my be just what you need for a hot, September dove hunt in Mississippi, but they become cold and clammy when damp or wet, just like anything else made of cotton.

* Polypropylene: This material doesn’t absorb water, so it is a hydrophobic. This makes it a great base layer, since it wicks moisture away from your body. The bad news is that polypropylene melts, so a spark from the campfire may melt holes in your clothing.

* Wool: Where I live in Central Oregon, wool is the standard for six months of the year. A good pair of wool pants and wool socks are the first clothing items we recommend to new Boy Scouts in our troop. For our winter scout excursions, any sort of cotton clothing is strongly discouraged. Jeans are banned.

Wool absorbs moisture, but stays warmer than many other fabrics. Wool is also inherently flame retardant.

* Polyester: This is essentially fabric made from plastic, and it’s good stuff. The material has good insulation and wind-stopping value, and can be made into many different thicknesses.

* Nylon: The fabric is pretty tough and can be used on your outer layer. It doesn’t absorb much moisture, and what does evaporates quickly. It is best used as some sort of windbreaker, to keep your clothing from being compromised by the wind.

* Down: This material is not a fabric, but rather, fluffy feathers stuffed inside a garment or sleeping bag. When dry, down is one of my favorite insulated materials.

But I don’t use a down sleeping bag, and would hesitate wearing a down vest into the back country because of potential moisture problems. When wet, down becomes hydrophilic, and loses virtually all its insulated value. It can be worse than cotton as far as sucking heat away from your body.

In addition, a down sleeping bag or garment is virtually impossible to dry out in the back country, even with a roaring campfire.

Source by Leon Pantenburg

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SWISHAHOUSE | Screwed and Chopped | From South To North




Read Time:14 Minute, 5 Second

Swishahouse was founded in North Houston in 1997 by founder and CEO Michael “5000” Watts and OG Ron C as a response to the popularity of chopped and screwed music from Houston’s south side. The label began by distributing a mixtape series that featured chopped and screwed versions of R&B songs. Many of the current & former artists come from Acres Homes, Homestead and other neighborhoods on Houston’s Northside.

DJ Michael Watts

Welcome to the Month of Recognizing SWISHAHOUSE “unofficially” at least by Jestificated, where I will be talking about the Legendary unknown, known independent Label.

“Ya’ll Gonna Remember The Name”

“SWISHAHOUSE” hence the title of this post, I just wanted to make sure I remind Houstonians and the world that there is no debate that DJ Screw is hands down the pioneer, but Swishahouse was a major contender in the Southern Hip-Hop Genre of Chopped-n-Screwed Music as well, which respectfully was created by the Late Robert Earl Davis Jr. (or as many of us know him by D.J Screw). ???????

Part of the Swishahouse Click reppin at the Carshow (Paul Wall & Big Tiger)

Therefore, “we have no plex” as they say in the south about this and as a teenager, I recall primarily listening and going to the Swishahouse. Simply because, that was close to us (despite living in the northeast suburbs) #44 and #AcresHomes -is where the shop was located, making it a well known and reputable staple for the Northside.

Of course, the Screwed Up Records and Tape store is obviously iconic for several historic nostalgic reasons. However, it was far from me and my peeps. So for that reason, I can tell you the importance of D.J. Michael Watt’s, OG Ron C and their Hella-Roster of dynamic Freestyle Rappers only enhanced the brand as we know it.

No matter what your race or color or religion you were always welcome at the Swishahouse including my group of friends per the throwback car show pic below car show (Sorry, I’m not pictured in this one, I was taking the pic) Side-note- I believe I developed these black & white prints myself via KHS photo-journalism class in the darkroom…I did pretty good, right? Lol

So, just sit back and listen….However, to better understand you should definitely watch the Youtube video I have posted above, it was created this year May 2019 by “The Report” and it’s pretty dang good at explaining the whole (DJ SCREW, Rise, SUC, SWISHAHOUSE, NORTH vs SOUTH Rivalry, Lean, Death of Screw & Fat Pat, Mike Jones, and Camp Worldwide phenom, to the overall Historical Preservation of DJ Screw’s Legacy.

Young Slim Thug “Northside was Braids Southside was faded”

In addition to the fact that Screw created a whole new sub-genre of “Screwed-n-Chopped” Innovation. D.J. Michael Watts may have “adopted” this Slowed down technique from the Legendary Screw, but Watts not only served the Northside aka #Nawfside with a variety of specially crafted Artist’s who knew how to freestyle on beat and create unique names or tags that they would shout out over the mic.

So, it was a no brainer for Watts to continue carrying the torch respectfully, like a champ. After all, what would the Northside be like without Swishahouse and it’s entire camp?Swishahouse Artist would often take turns on the mic by jumping in on the beat to Freestyle (just as any coast in a freestyle) but something about Southern Freestyle flows ( similar to Lil Wayne on No Ceilings) striaight fire.

Regular Swishahouse fans, knew each Artists’ unique creative style from King Coopa aka Chamillionaire to Big Tiger back to Slim Thug, 50/50 Twins, Big Pic back to Paul Wall and etc.

Ludacris was the main event performing at the car show

If you really knew the Swishahouse camp, then you knew who was usually got on the track yelling, calm or was silly and had funny sh*t to say, basically like Paul Wall or one of my fave #CloverlandG’s aka Lil Flip -his freestyles were off the chain too. However, Lil Flip was not signed to Swishahouse, he was a feature/collabo just as SPM “South Park Mexican”.

SPM performing #Dopehouse Records

One thing about Paul Wall, was def a rare breed, he spits bars like no other “including White, Black or Hispanic dudes” he basically annihilated the freestyle session and that goes to this day, he can freestyle onsite, but he is more geared toward his Grillz buisness with Johnny Dang.

Artist Freestyle Tags:

Paul Wall was known for starting out a majority of his freestyles with “What it do? It’s Paul Wall” and he would always have something too funny to say about “I can catch Boppers…. or he has more carrots in his mouth than the HEB produce section lol” his flow always hit on the beat and it always went hard, but he was white and sounded so damn black.’ People tripped out, especially when Watts screwed and chopped his voice on the track. Paul Wall grew up in the Acres Homes /Homestead area “if my mind serves me correct?” the area is predominately a black neighborhood on the Northside of Houston.

So, I guess you could rightfully say that he was a product of his beautiful environment, which only enabled him to showcase his mouthpiece even more than ever. Paul is definitely the Peoples Champ down here and our Eminem, but Nah he’s himself and no one else. I will be sure to throw some of Paul Wall’s his freestyles up on the page/post for you all to judge ( especially all my UK/ Germany & African Hip Hop Heads) Check it out, while it’s also just good reminder of nostalgic times for the States and H-town.

The Color Changing Click

Then Chamillionaire and his brand of being the “Color Changing Lizard” wearing a Lizard chain in various colors of diamonds, once he moved up the ladder, often coining him and Paul Wall as the Color Changing Click, they were an iconic duo.

Chamillionaire and Paul Wall at 99 or 2000 Car Show for Swishahouse. Cham is throwing up the 44 in the background to me #Klassik.

As you can somewhat see from a good 2 decades ago in the photo above that I took ( Chamillionaire is Throwing up-the #44 for Acres Homes reppin the Northside) Nothing gang related, it was just as anybody reps there hood or college that they attended. Meanwhile, Paul is just “posted up” on alert, while at the Car Show where they performed on the side with big acts like Ludacris etc. I will go through the roster, below. I don’t have enough time to cover every individual Artist’s specialty but I will try to showcase as much as I can over this month.

LiL Keke Da Don:

LIL Keke

However, LIL KEKE da Don will definitely be featured in between the end of this month and next month, he is my all-time favorite on the mic. While he also stems from being an OG member of the original SUC (Screwed Up Click) with DJ Screw, on the Southside…and he did create the song “Southside” a Texas Legend Keke is, he always remained independent and lowkey but his freestyle ability is the most effortless and can go for several minutes on a song without writing lyrics and reading them. So the fact that he took his talents to Swishahouse after all of the North-South rivalries while still refusing to go mainstream, well that tells me everything I need to know about an Artist.

Funny thing is, I recall seeing Lil Keke at the prior Drake concert on my way out in the hallway, and I noticed his complexion, but heard his voice and saw his stature – I so badly wanted to just go up to him but then, I got cold feet, out of everyone that I have ever met (celebrity wise) I would have never thought my nerves would be so high, but that just shows you how I view Lil Keke and my respect for him as well.

The Chopped and Screwed Effect:

Including H-towns Very Own “adopted” Drake and “Native-born” Travis Scott by paying great homage to the Late-Greats specifically in Music Videos such as HYFR, Drakes Concerts have been doing so, and you can catch it in his various lyrical While Travis Scott is literally “All The RAGE” he too has done the most as far as showing love in his prior Albums specifically and collaboratively the music video “Sicko Mode” for his #Astroworld Album….and with leg II of his Astro-Festival right around the corner, ain’t no tellin…but just make sure you, “Put Some Respect On My Blog, When You Read This or Simply Bounce.

” I think it’s incredibly important to recognize those who have paved the way and continue to carry the torch, while we always show great respect & appreciation to the innovators who have passed before us, which are my thoughts exactly on why we need to recognize SWISHAHOUSE as a relentless source and underground southern label who kept the chopped n screw legacy going, specifically D.J.Michael Watts.

The Method of Chopping & Screwing:

“The technique of Chopped and screwed music slow a song down to around 60 to 70 beats per minute. While keeping the same song spinning on the opposite turntable, the DJ cuts back and forth, using techniques such as scratching, stop time and repetition. While aka known as Hopping and Screwing, a DJing technique invented by Houston pioneer DJ Screw in the early 90s that pitches compositions down is about feeling. Remixing a song in this way changes its texture; it makes the tones richer but also deeper and darker.

Comprehensive History

In Houston, a different approach of slowing music down, rather than speeding it up, developed. It is unknown when DJ Screw definitively created “screwed and chopped” music: Screw said he started slowing music down in 1990 and also in Tulsa, Oklahoma, DJ Dinero And DJ Z-Nasty helped popularize chopped and screwed music in the Mid South.[3] There is no debate, however, that DJ Screw invented the music style.”[4] He discovered that dramatically reducing the pitch of a record gave a mellow, heavy sound that emphasized lyrics to the point of almost storytelling.

D.J. Screw The Innovator & Creator

After messing around with the sound for a while Screw started making full length “Screw Tapes”. At first, the music was only referred to as “screw music”, was limited to the South Side of Houston, and was seen as laid-back driving music. As Screw’s tapes started to gain popularity he started selling his tapes for around $10.[5] Screw was known to feature some of Houston’s most renowned rappers from the South Side. This eventually led to the formation of the Screwed Up Click.


In the mid-1990s, chopped and screwed music started to move to the north side of Houston by way of DJ Michael “5000” Watts, and later OG RON C.[1] It wasn’t long until a rivalry between north and south Houston started over who were the “originators” and who were the “adopters”. Michael “5000” Watts always gave credit to DJ Screw as the originator of chopped and screwed music, which is he calls the genre “screwed and chopped”. In the late 1990s, with the help of P2P groups such as Napster, chopped and screwed music spread to a much wider audience. RIP DJ SCREWOn November 16, 2000, DJ Screw died from a lethal combination of codeine and alcohol. Shortly after the passing of Screw, screwed and chopped music spread all over the southern United States

The Swishahouse Series Includes The Following:

  • All Freestyles
  • Final Chapter
  • Before da Kappa
  • After da Kappa
  • Choppin Em Up
  • Fuck Action
  • Straight To Tha Room FKA Fuck Action
  • The Day Hell Broke Loose
  • Let Your Nutz Hang”
  • Rollin’ Strap
  • Paper Chase
  • Blow One

(However, I feel like I’m missing so many more)

Mike Jones Who?

A song that originally appeared on the compilation album The Day Hell Broke Loose 2, Mike Jones‘ “Still Tippin’“, achieved mainstream success in 2004. The single would go on to be certified Platinum by the RIAA. This led to Swishahouse signing a national distribution deal with Asylum Records. Jones released his major-label debut, Who Is Mike Jones?, on Swishahouse/Warner Bros. in April 2005; the album was certified Platinum by the RIAA, for selling over a million copies in the United States of America, that June.[1

The Swishahouse Effect

Aftermath A&R Angelo Sanders said that the great advantage to independents like Swishahouse is that, “They’re able to get their product out on the streets to specific regions at a greater speed than a major … They’re able to flood that whole Texas market with a product before the majors are able to notice what is going on out there.”

A New Day…

Lil Keke the Don arises bringing the SUC Freestyle Talent to Swishahouse while collaborating to bring Unity to the entire Houston Rap scene.


Paul Wall‘s major-label debut, The Peoples Champ, on Swishahouse/Atlantic, was released on September 2005, eventually topping the Billboard 200. Before embarking on his rap career and while still at school, Wall had worked in the Swishahouse office.

Noteable Infulences and Timeline of Chopped & Screwed Utilization:

In 2001, 8Ball & MJG released a screwed version of their album Space Age 4 Eva (2000). The mixing was handled by Michael “5000” Watts of the famed Swishahouse, being the first screwed and chopped release on a major label.

In 2003, David Banner released a screwed and chopped version of his album Mississippi: The Album, being a first by an artist from Mississippi.

In 2005, Three 6 Mafia released a chopped and screwed version of their album Most Known Unknown, being one of the first albums to be chopped and screwed in commercial light as the album sold over a million copies. The mixing was handled by Michael “5000” Watts of the famed Swishahouse

Also in 2005, the first screwed and chopped albums were added to the iTunes Storecatalog[failed verification] and in 2010, a Chopped n Screwed app by The Chopstars called ‘ChopNotSlop’ was released on the App Store[7][third-party source needed]

In 2006, Chamillionaire‘s The Sound of Revenge (Screwed & Chopped) by OG Ron C became the most successful screwed and chopped album to date.

Also in 2006, Houston based music label Dope House Records and Swishahouse teamed up to release South Park Mexican‘s ninth album, When Devils Strike.[5] A chopped and screwed version was also released.

In 2009, Drake (musician)‘s November 18th by DJ Screw became the really well known since he had signed with “Young Money Records” using the sample of DJ Screw later to be a famous artist.

Director Barry Jenkins wrote the script of Moonlight to a Slim K chopped and screwed remix of Channel Orange by Frank Ocean, titled Channel Purple.[9]

In 2018, and present-day; Travis Scott’s #SickoMode embracing the culture and #Astroworld by showing love to DJ Screw & Big Hawk, by sampling their sounds (chopped and screwed) it just shows how much love and understanding the world has for not only DJ Screw, but let’s always “Remember The Name” as they would often say on their mixtape CDs from way back.

Swishahouse History is Made:

Swishahouse has archives hosted by Rice University‘s Center for Engaged Research and Collaborative Learning, a center under the Kinder Institute for Urban Research. The physical materials are hosted in the Woodson Research Center at the university’s Fondren Library.[6]

Current Roster includes:

Former Artist

Check back for more highlights and #StayStreaming #Swishahouse

All sources/References and facts cited via links below:

The Report via Youtube


Jestificated Personal Archive black and white car show photos of 98-2000

*Next Month #Jestificated will be of covering All #TravisScott #DJScrew #BigHawk #BigMoe & of course #Astroworld for #Astrofest.

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Chris Brown is being investigated in battery case, after slapping a woman



Chris Brown has finally been able to stay out of legal woes lately but now, that is changing. According to TMZ, he is reportedly involved in a battery case, which occurred this past weekend.

This report states that this victim, a woman, told police that the R&B star smacked her head so hard, that part of her weave fell off. This reportedly went down at Brown’s San Fernando Valley home, in California. Police filed the report as this home, and wrote Brown down as a suspect.

The woman is also said to have no injuries, aside from that a large part of her weave was damaged. in addition to this, police haven’t made an arrest at the moment. The City Attorney will also likely be investigating incident. The worst possible scenario for Brown here, would be catching a misdemeanor charge.

Brown has also bed on fire over the last year in regards to his music. He and Young Thug put out their collab “Slime & B” album last May, which contained the hit single, “Go Crazy.” That peaked at number three on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and is 2x platinum in the US. In February, the remix was released, which also featured Future, Lil Durk, and Latto.

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#22 TRAP-PRODUCERS Who Are Dominating The “Beat-Making-Game” in 2019’ #JESTIFICATED



Okay, so let me just say that I couldn’t agree more with the #Top10 featured Producer write-up of 2018-2019 by QREWCIAL.

“From Tay Keith to Murda Beatzwe have a more in-depth and closer look at not only QREWCIAL’s

The post #22 TRAP-PRODUCERS Who Are Dominating The “Beat-Making-Game” in 2019’ #JESTIFICATED appeared first on JESTIFICATED | HIP-HOP MUSIC.

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