Today was an interesting one in the sports world as not only did we get some NBA action in the form of scrimmages, but we were also told that Mike Tyson is coming out of retirement and that Jake Paul will fight Nate Robinson in the undercard. As far as Paul and Robinson are concerned, there has been a whole lot of trash talk between these men over the last few months, and many have been anticipating a fight between the two.

With the fight set in stone, many observers are taking a hard look at the matchup and are coming up with their predictions and conclusions. Among those people is Kendrick Perkins, who is well-aware of Robinson’s skill set and athleticism as a former NBA player. With this knowledge in mind, Perkins noted that he would bet $1,000 on Robinson and even urged his followers to get in on the betting action, as he’s looking to collect.

Many of Perkins’ followers agreed with him, although there were certainly some who weren’t too sure about whether or not Robinson could keep up with Paul, who is coming into the fight with quite a bit of boxing experience under his belt.

Regardless, if there is one thing we can all agree on, it’s that we will all be worse off having watched the fight.