Since becoming a TV analyst, Kendrick Perkins has certainly angered quite a few people, including his former teammate Kevin Durant. Perkins doesn’t care who he offends and he always tries to keep it as real as possible. Sometimes, however, it’s clear that Perkins reps for the pro-LeBron agenda which leads to a lot of Clippers slander whenever they mess up.

Considering the Clippers lost by 50 points to the Dallas Mavericks last night, today was the perfect day for Perkins to go on First Take and really give those Clippers a piece of his mind. Throughout the segment below, Perkins compared the Clippers to the kid who sucks up to the teacher but still manages to fail every single test.

“To be down 50 at the half, that’s one thing … but to not fight back is another thing. … The Clippers are the true definition of front-runners,” Perkins said before adding on to his statement, on Twitter. Here we go, dejavu! Clippers are at it again. Profile of a contender, performance of a pretender. The teacher’s pet out here flunking exams!”

As it stands, the Clippers are 2-1 which isn’t exactly cause for concern. The team was without Kawhi Leonard for one game and moving forward, it seems like things are poised to go back to normal.

Kendrick Perkins

Jason Miller/Getty Images