Kehlani Links With Amorphous On R&B Jam “Back Together”

He closed out April by enigmatically posting on Instagram that May would be a big month, and it’s all due to his release with Kehlani. Amorphous gained major steam in the industry throughout quarantine as he presented a worldwide social media audience with mashups of their favorite hits. This caught the attention of mainstream artists and soon, Amorphous was working with Fat Joe on his song “Sunshine (The Light)” alongside DJ Khaled. Then, there was the time that Amorphous tweeted that his Macbook was on its last leg, so, naturally, Oprah Winfrey let him know that she’d be buying him a new one.

After spending much of his time remixing the popular sounds of other artists, Amorphous is back, this time with original music in partnership with Kehlani. The pair dropped their uptempo R&B jam “Back Together” where the singer belts out lyrics about linking up—and flexing on—an ex. Stream “Back Together” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Heard that the streets have been talkin’
You’ve been askin’ all about me
Like I’m not f*ckin’ with somebody
They fall back when I say I got it
‘Cause it ain’t they place (Place)
And you can say it to my face now
Been a little while lookin’ FaceTime
Pull up to my crib, face to face time


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