Kanye West‘s visit to Drink Champs is expected to become one of the most popular hip-hop-related interviews of all time, but some fans have complained that the first episode ended too abruptly. Thankfully for them, a second part has been uploaded, bringing the world over an hour more of Ye content.

During his extended interview with N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN, Ye speaks about his Yeezy brand, his relationship with Larry Hoover Jr., mental health, and more. One of the most viral parts of the new crop of soundbites has to do with Ye’s comment about OnlyFans.

During the interview, Ye revealed that he doesn’t pay for OnlyFans content. Instead, he prefers to find what he needs from Reddit.

Brandon Magnus/Getty Images

“Men, we just be horny,” he said. “And then we gon’ text these girls or DM, whatever they do on OnlyFans, I get my OnlyFans off of Reddit, I bootlegged the OnlyFans.”

Immediately, everyone in the room started laughing because this is probably something that only Ye could get away with saying during a major interview. This also begs the question… if a multi-billionaire is bootlegging the service off of Reddit, is there anybody that actually does pay for OnlyFans?

Check out the video in question below, and make sure to watch the full second part of Ye’s Drink Champs interview underneath.