Jordan Spieth: The Perfect Role Model For the Once-A-Week Golfer

How often have you discovered the key to consistency, only to have the new technique vanish forever the very next game? The game doesn’t play favourites; the emotional roller-coaster affects players at every skill level. One of the most difficult aspects of golf, is the game’s unpredictability. Your ability to deal with this element is the first key to consistency.

Did you watch the 2017 British Open?

After Jordan Spieth hit his tee shot on the thirteenth hole, one-hundred yards off-line, the golf analysts began dissecting his swing to find the critical flaw. Whether you are playing for beer or the Claret Jug, poor shots are inevitable; the bigger the stakes, the bigger the mistake.

The first lesson we can learn from Jordan Spieth is patience. Stop beating yourself up after a poor shot. Set reasonable expectations. Allow yourself ten poor shots a round.

The second lesson is planning. If you’re willing to spend four and a half hours trying to bury a ball in a hole, surely you can take twenty minutes to visualize potential challenges. Can you recover when your ball lands in thick rough? How would you minimize the fallout, when your ball ends up behind a tree? Perhaps a twenty-foot uphill putt is smarter, than firing at the pin and ending up with a slick four-foot downhill putt.

The third lesson is putting. After making a remarkable bogey on the thirteenth hole, Jordan Spieth proceeded to shoot four-under par on the next four holes. Lucky? Perhaps, but great putters look like they are going to sink every putt. Make it a habit to tell yourself that you are a great putter. You’ll be amazed at how often the ball vanishes into the bottom of the cup.

Based on the plethora of technical advice, it would be logical to assume that mastering proper technique is a priority for amateur golfers. Obviously, you need a clear understanding of basic swing mechanics; the strongest mind can’t compensate for a dysfunctional grip.

A consistent swing is the by-product of a consistent set of beliefs.

Based on my experience with over eleven-thousand students, the majority of once-a-week golfers entertain the exact opposite belief.

Patience, Planning and Putting are the three qualities that enable Jordan Spieth to play at a level well beyond his technical skill. Adopt the three “P’s” into your game, and discover your natural ability that lies beyond swing mechanics.

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Source by D. Johnston

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